Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Newest member of the family!

Memula nak cakap the fourth member but then I tak kira kekucing lagi. Hehe.

Anyway. After I post my entry of that 39th weeks tu , terus malam tu contractions. I planned on vbac but not to be. Czer gak. Will give more details on later post.  The gist is my baby boy whom I called Saif was born on 22nd Nov 2014 on 3.12pm. Healthy and well Alhamdulillah. We are now at home. Well my sis home for pantang. My mom here and there are more people to take care of Aziz.

In the mean time it is sore nipples, painful recovery, zombified state due to no sleep and lacking in taste food time for me. And trying to cough just after czer is torture.



pet9 said...

comelnyaaaa muka sesuai ngan nama. pandai u carik nama. anyway mesti rasa dejavu kan semua berulang kembali...sleepless night, engorged boobs hahahah

lisalisut07 said...

sedap namannye.. Saif. mcm saif ali khan. ewahh. slmt bpantang dils! hehe

dils said...

Ohh. I dont miss the sleepless night at all! Haha. Tapi kali ni lagi tenang menerima hakikat yg I will get very little sleep during the first few weeks. Haha

dils said...

Haha. Thank you. It feels right nama tu.

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