Friday, November 21, 2014

39th weeks!

Woooww. 39th weeks. Time ni I dah bersalinkan Aziz dah. Dah selamat keluar hospital dah rasenye pon. Hehe. 

Ni duduk rumah ni sibuk prepare barang2 for baby. I already sterilized the bottles and the breastpump and all those storage bottles. Bought Avent bottles tapi tu tak sterilized lagi because I plan to BF kan. But them anything can happened, so I bought also Medela teats bottle yang sesuai for newborn so if I need to bottle feed baby breast milk or formula dah ade la. 

Assorted mismatch socks and mittens yg kehilangan the other pair

Baju baby pon dah basuh semua, pampers dah beli. Got a load of clothes from my sisters. We usually akan pass around the baby clothes to those sesape yang akan deliver. Tapi I cakap to my husband beli la jugak 3 4 pasang new clothes for the baby so he would have things that are his own and not anyone else. 

Beg hospital pon I dah packup though maybe needs to put in a few more items like baby oil or minyak telon dan my books. 

Went to the gynae last Wednesday for my checkup. PCMC dah tuka procedure die. Dulu we straight go to level 6, now kena go to the registration at lobby and isi form insurance or whats not. I think so many people had been complaining about the long wait for the billing, guess this is one way for them to fasten things up. There are some improvements on the wait time, but not too sure la. Kena tengok lagi next visit. But most probably my next visit will be my last visit pon :D 

Sekarang ni I got tired more easily and easily pening and not much of an appetite. The baby weight pon kurang sikit banding Aziz, now he is on 2.6 kg. Aziz dulu at this time was 3.0 kg. But the doctor said it is a good weight. Kali ni punye visit kena la buat the dreaded vaginal exam. Ugh. Tapi this time I dah boleh expect and more relaxed so it is not painful cuma uncomfortable je. 

Next visit lak my gynae said kena buat CTG nak check if dah start contractions. Heh. I mintak my husband teman and told him bawak la die punye laptop because probably this is gonna take a long time. Sekarang ni tak feel lagi ape2 contractions. Sekali la Braxton Hicks tu I think. Ni kena kira movement baby je la. So far baby active Alhamdulillah. 

Now ni tengah counting days la ni. Most probably I will go straight to my sis house for my pantang afterwards. Beg duduk rumah my sis tak kemas lagi. Tu nak buat hari ni laa *fingers crossed* . 

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