Thursday, November 27, 2014

An unfortunate products placement

First of all this product placement is totally unintentional. Haha. My husband was looking through my pic phone gallery and he just showed this to me. And I instantly got what he saw. Haha I wwondered why I didnt see it when I took the picture. 

I was wanting to blog about the anti stretchmark cream I used throughout my pregnancy. 

For my first or rather second pregnancy I used Bio Oil for about 2 weeks before only using Burt's Bee Belly Butter. I think I had mentioned this before but I love this product. It is fragrance free so it only exude the brief lotion smell. It is wonderful on the skin. Does not left you feeling oily or greasy . And we know it stay on the skin because when I took a bath I can feel the lotion washed away by the water. And totally easy peasy applying since it can be easily smooth around the skin.  

For this pregnancy kekonon nak save up I try using Bio Oil. Burt Bees dulu less than rm100. Now dah naik harga. Rm108 I think. So I used Bio Oil balik .Boleh lah. The only things I dont like about Bio Oil is it left you and your clothes feeling greasy. 

Then my bio oil dah nak habis and I can't seems to find it at the nearest pharmacy around me. I noticed Palmer Cocoa Tummy Butter at the pharmacy and felt maybe I will test this now. It felt more like planta rather than butter because it takes a bit more effort to apply across the skin since it is like hardened lotion. 

I dont like the smell of cocoa either. After a while my skin feels itchy. Not allergic more like it does not provide enough moisture for my expanding belly. 

I used Bio Oil balik but the itching was still there. I used it sama2 with Palmer Cocoa Tummy Butter but those I used at my thigh and once or twice a week bile time I misplaced my Bio Oil. 

But the itching persisted and after a while my skin tummy became dry and flaky. Walaupon dah letak Bio Oil 2 or 3 times a night. Last2 beli balik Burt Bees. After using it a few days no more itching or flaky skins. Mahal pon mahal but so far no stretchmarks. Fuh. 

I guess there are something that is just worth the price kut. Next pregnancy memang tak tuka mende lain dah! Wah baru je beranak dah mention pregnant lagi. Haha. 

P/S : banyak la blog posts nanti sebab menatap phone je sambil nyusukan anak. 


Mari Femme said...

Bio Oil x lut di perut I. Tgh pakai Palmer jugak tp skin therapy oil. It works for me, siap stretchmark first pregnancy hilang ;) tp hari tu sminggu tak pakai, ni ade pulak belang baru naik. Ish.. Menarik Burt Bees ni. Now 35weeks, berbaloi tak nak try before due? Haha :p

dils said...

Haha. Bole je nak try tapi bile tengok price gulp gulp gak la kan for that short time. One balang can last about 1 or 2 months , depending belly size. But we should also wear after postpartum pon kan, (tapi tak pakai lagi ni. Gile malas......)

Btw, didn't know you are pregnant! Congrats! So both our kids gonna be in the same age!

Lisa said...

Bio oil ms pregnantkan Hannah pn xabis lg dils hahahahha. Yg kali ni lg la i xtgk perut sgt nk belek stretchmarks ke apa. Nk cr blk mana botol bio oil tu pn xterigt. Lol. Lps ni nk tgk lah haha. Ignorant sgt ni

dils said...

Haha. Ade org bole je tak kena stretch marks. Mana taw you are one of the lucky one.

pet9 said...

I pakai Palmer Cocoa Butter religiously everyday sampai bersalin. Hasilnya, memang takda stretch mark perut purple purple tu. I'm soooo happy. tapi lepas bersalin aku stop terus...lepas 7,8 bulan badan makin naik gemuk so mula datang stretch marks sikit2. hahahaa...loser sangat. but my point is, Palmer Cocoa Butter work wonders!

dils said...

Do you use the usual lotion or the same one as in the pic? Sebab I rase maybe yang this particular type I bought ni yang tak berapa sangat since I had heard a lot of people saying Palmer brand is good. Or maybe my skin tak sesuai and needed more moisture kut. Heh.

pet9 said...

I pakai yang biasa tu je yang lotion botol besar...kadang2 boleh dapat free concentrated cream kalau beli tu..haha..but i pakai everyday lepas mandi

Mari Femme said...

Thanks!! I know right?! My birthday was also on November but 23rd!! Bnyk btul conincedence. Hahah!!

Malas melampau nk update about pregnancy this time. Nnt selonggok post.

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