Friday, September 05, 2014

Things got better


Been a while since an update. Been a bit down after the loss of Kurap. Even my enthusiasm towards my own cats kinda dull. Spent a week crying. Then right afterwards Aziz got sick, but that is another paragraph of explanation. It struck me yesterday how I am beginning to forget how Kurap looks like. And that makes me sad. However I am glad I put a lot of my cat pictures on Instagram and the video uploads too since while dropbox and phone are ok, but myInstagram are exclusively cats only. So it is easier to browse. I spent some time looking at her pictures and her video especially listening to her mews. Saying I miss her is a great understatement. More like there is a big cat size hole in my life and my day to day that can't be filled with any other cats. 

Aziz got sick

Anyway, last Thursday the taska mentioned Aziz duk muntah2. By Jumaat he is inactive and started to vomit, as I am WFH so he just stay home with me. So the whole long weekend, was us dealing with Aziz muntah and cirit birit. I never seen him that sick before actually. While my kid do have a long standing wheezing problem that come and goes, I never saw him that inactive and that irritable. Semua silap, semua mende nak emo. New things to deal with I say. 

At first I thought it was a touch of fever like the doctor says hence the bout of vomitting. So on Saturday tu aku pergi jumpa that parents/baby fair kat KL Convention Center. Aziz cheered right up that morning bile kite orang cakap nak gi jalan, no fever, lompat2 atas katil bile cakap nak gi jalan, then lepas dah beli barang die pon tidur and I took the chance to have some food at Harrods Cafe, he puked right there at Harrods mostly on the floor. The waitress was really nice about it so we have to give extra for the extra work they have to do. 

By Monday die dah ok dah, actually no more vomitting from Sunday, only cirit birit, which is not that bad, only about twice or thrice a day but in huge watery horrible mess. But by Tuesday, I decided he just stay home with me since I nak make sure he is really ok and Bukit Antarabangsa tadek air pon. So just in case if he is sick again, at least he is home with me, where I have plenty of spare water. 

So in that midst of that I felt a little spring had come back to my step. When Kurap died, I felt incredibly sluggish and felt like things are bringing me down. Now I feel my routine, my desire to do things again come up again. So yeah. Things got better. 

I am gonna tell about my pregnancy but I think this little baby bean deserve a post of his own since I neglected to update him most scandalously. 

So I will end this post with a picture of Kurap I got in my dropbox. 

This photo is back in 2012 when I was about 3 or 4 months pregnant with Aziz. Can't remember how she got out of the house, but she did, and she came back happily to me looking like this. Obviously been swimming/fell in the drain.

I had just gotten back from work and so tired from all the pregnancy nausea and felt like crying when I saw her. I HAVE TO BATH A CAT AT NIGHT AND BLOW DRY HER WHICH SHE LOATHE. Haha. I remembered feeling very angry at her. 

Sigh. Like I said. I do miss her. 

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