Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Campur aduk

Feeling a bit tired lately. And I am beginning to hate cooking, because of all the washing up. Boring la basuh pinggan. Not to mention perut dah makin besar so makin jauh lak tangan ke sinki tu, hence sakit belakang. Naseb baik ade kakak yang rajin menghantar makanan2 ke adik2 die yang pemalas ni. My sister have 4 kids, is a doctor and is always on her feet. Lepas beranak tu, ko expect die nak duduk macam orang normal dalam bilik berbekung bagai? Tadek okehh.. siap masak2 paksa kite orang datang rumah untuk makan, even though she can't eat the food. That is why I don't quite buy the pantang ikut pakai stokin and all. Not saying it is bad, but it is up to you how you want to be active and healthy. My sister chose to be a sorta of a human tornado. 

Anyway, last weekend nothing special we did. I went to Ikea because we want to do one of the room in this house into the boys room. Kira nanti Aziz and adik die ade bilik sendiri la. Nothing major. The room that we mentioned had never been done anything at all. The parquet is all in horrible shape and the bathroom is dingy looking. So during pantang my husband planned since I am either at my mom's house or at my sister's house, we do the renovation during at that time. Gamba renovation daporrr pon aku tak tnjuk lagi kan. Hahaha. Nanti I hunt it up and showed it here. 

The cost is beginning to get my husband a bit nervous since this kinda offset his plan to buy a new car. Sebab bini die demanding nak grill lawa2 depan rumah and nak tuka sliding door tu bifold door. But it is still in the 'cost estimation' phase so we'll see what we will do more. But I am excited to have the boys room in the house sebab I can have places to store their clothes. Currently the room in question is more like a storeroom. So many junks. We are such hoarders. One of these weekends we are gonna have that "keep it or throw it away" day in the storerooms. I betcha there will be a lot of ayat that goes like " so thattttt is where this stuff is" and "huh ... I forgot we have this". 

2 paragraph aku merapu. Anyway in Ikea with a mission is to buy yang para2 ala2 spice rack tu, but I want to put my pinggan in. Tapi habis stok. Marahnye aku. Dah la malas gi Ikea. And to look at suitable closet for the boys. Berkenan dengan satu, but it will be up to husband if he will buy it when the room is finish. So that's it. Also bought this! 

A Philips Bluetooth  wireless speaker for my phone. When I kemas2 and played songs on youtube, I can now use this and are very satisfied. Though you have to put your phone nearby or it the sound will go putus2. I love this. I thought it cost like RM300 and something so tak pernah sibuk nak beli, but Harvey Norman had a sale and it was going at RM77, and I usually buy a blouse around that range. So a wireless speaker tu dah murah dah tuu. The sound is acceptable and way better than the speaker phone sound and if you wanna ask more that is all I can say about it. Though we can't adjust the sound control on the speaker, only through your phone. 

After dah membeli, in the car on the way back bukak instagram and saw Kak Mynn of Salam2benua uploaded her cake. And it looks so delish! And I want a cake too. And I know I want to bake one. Her apple cinnamon cakes looks amazing, but I don't have apples on hand and I don't really want to buy stuffs. And felt like I should use stuffs from the pantry, so I googled what kinda cake I can get from dates. Bulan puasa hari tu kan banyak lebihan dates and I don't really eat it , so turning it into a cake seems like a good idea. So a date cake it is!

My cake. Walaupon tidak sephotogenic macam Kak Myn punye gamba2 kek ( how do people photograph their food so beautifully??? it must be a talent ) but masih sedap. Puas hati bile laki aku yang kurang gemar kek eat almost half of the cake. So yeay! Found a cake that he likes to eat. It is almost like a fruit cake but don't have the same stickiness or density. Macam combination of moist and sponge cake. And the dates taste really nice in the cake. I think if added in a bit raisins lagi best gak. 

Oh. Also update on the Hari Malaysia punye cuti tu. We went to Janda Baik at Cheringin Hills Hotel. (Not recommended though it seems popular enough. The food is ok, so that is a plus la ) . We went there because husband ade teambuilding event and can bring family along. Not much activity for the family, but Aziz had fun, mostly on the swimming pools. 

We bought him the spiderman pelampung because he loves spiderman. Memula takutttt. 

Lama2 suke and wants to go into the big boys pool. 

He also had fun with all the kids. Colleagues husband banyak anak umur Aziz so he had a blast. 

We even manage to singgah at Kow Po for their cendol and aiskrim after husband punye water rafting activity at Raub . 

Aziz absolutely refused to share his ice cream with anybody.  It was good time and at least a time away from KL. Nak buat 'babymoon' memang tak dah la. Cuti tadekkk. But we have plan for another team building events that is gonna be held in PD. Husband punye la , my company tarakkk. He plans to bring us along nanti so Aziz can enjoy the pool again and have more fun before mak die kena terperuk kat rumah. 

Ending this post with a picture of Aziz holding a wine glass drinking a tall cold water after finishing his cream of chicken soup at the hotel in Janda Baik. 

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