Wednesday, September 17, 2014

3rd Pregnancy

Did I tell you it is gonna be a boy? It is! 

Actually I was expecting it to be a girl, tapi ok je. I am fine with it, lagi pon senang, baju2 abang die nanti semua dah ade. Color schem takyah tuka :D Abang Aziz pon nanti ade geng kan. 

When the doctor first tried to see the sex of the baby, it was partially hidden by his umbilical cord but doctor keluarkan the color2 to differentiate if its a cord or the sex and say yeps that's the boy. And the next visit  afterwards lagi ketara sampai mommy die pon nampak.

It all goes well for now.  And HOLY CRAP I AM IN MY 29 weeks now??? I think the last time I checked in the app I was around 22 weeks. Tetiba je I am in third trimester. Maseh terkejut ni. I am still thinking I am/was in 2nd trimester. 

Tengah menaip ni sambil budak kecik tunjuk2 taik lalat at my leg. He is tickled to death that tahi lalat, is called tahi lalat. He kept on saying "lalattt, lalaattt" at my leg and laugh hysterically. Sometimes I think the baby in the stomach react to his brother voice. When is being very chattery I can feel the baby move around. 

This time around I am really lazy in taking the vitamins. My gynae kinda laughed and say because you feel absolutely fine kann.. haha. Last time, there was a problem with my iron level so a lot of pills need to be given. This time everything is fine, but maybe because I am consuming a whole lot of milk during this pregnancy that my calcium and iron level does not seems so low. Lagi pon I hate that calcium pill. I am ok with the multivitamin pills because that pill goes down easily. But the calcium pills makes me feel like puking. Laki aku nyampah je. 

As for the tiredness, it is true the older you gets the more pregnancy takes a toll on your body. I am not as brisk as I was when I was carrying Aziz. Got tired and irritable more easily. Sakit pinggang is not so much as before. Lets hoping continue of smooth sailing. Bz kejab .... nanti la sambung lagi.


pet9 said...

Bestla aziz dapat gang wrestling nanti

lisalisut07 said...

aaaaa i want boyyyyyhuhuhuhu. main mintak2 pulak kan haha. serius cpt gilaaa dh msk 3rd tri?!! i rs mcm br je lg haha. apsal i rs mcm i lamaaa je haha. take care dils

dils said...

Haha itu la. Dapat bayangkan tunggang langgang rumah ni. Sekarang pon tunggang langgang.

dils said...

Bile dah tengah2 2nd trimester rase macam laju je pastuu. Fuh . Gabra lak pikir. Banyak lagi mende tak buat lagi ni.

frH said...

weeee kawan ajis. kau mmg kene tukar senduk dgn tim lps ni kehkeh ..
take care!

dils said...

hihi. aku rase mariam dah cop dulu senduk tim

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