Friday, September 26, 2014

In preparation - Babywearing?

Ok. Not much preparation for this 2nd baby coming. But I think I should get started NOWish . Some clothes had been bought and few things, but I have yet to make a list for me and baby but I am not too worried because I think there are a lot of things we have since this is the second time around. I do however need to start washing the cots, sheets, and clothes and all. Maybe after raya Haji la :D 

And yes! I dah ganti puasa. Granted 2 hari je kena ganti sebab tak larat masa puasa hari tu. Tapi I rather ganti now masa pregnant dari masa breastfeeding. Masa breastfeed last time I remembered being very parched during puasa, maybe because of all the extra energy used to produce milk but it was really something.

So for the preparation, I am looking into babywearing this time because well, with a toddler in tow and a newborn baby, I can't just be sitting around macam first time around masa dalam pantang and soon after. Even the first time around I barely have enough time since Aziz keeps on waking up every 2 or 3 hours, so I think it might be best if I prepared early with babywearing so if I need to move around the house with baby suckling for the longest time, at least I have free hands to do stuff. 

I had never babywear Aziz. I tried to use the carrier and the ring sling, but the former had way too many buckles and Aziz at the time don't look too comfy and the latter with the the ring sling, I don't feel secure enough. Felt like I am gonna drop this teeny newborn. So in this free time I am looking up all the video of baby wearing. Narrowed it to three choices so far. 

First the Babaslings.  At first the babaslings looks kinda.. hey this is easy, all I need is to buckle up. It have buckle at the back and you can just snap and unsnap to get baby in place. I really like the idea I can use this quickly. 

Picture: from

Nampak macam senang je kan. But I am not sure how secure I will feel and in the demonstration it looks like your baby macam senang bertukar position. Mixed reviews on this too. Some love it, some said the position kinda change after wearing it a while and not too easy to adjust. I am not sure, I looked up Bebetotz had one in stock so maybe I will take a look next week to see how it is.

Next I am considering is the popular one, the wrap . The famous one currently are the Boba and the Moby. I am leaning towards the Boba because Fabulousmom stocked it and Fabulousmom store is really close by ( same row as Bebetotz) and I kinda like the idea of a stretchable material.

Picture taken from

The video instructions looked easy and doable. And I like the positioning of the baby. However this is Malaysia. If I were living in UK or Canada I would take this in a heartbeat. But in Malaysia weather this looks really HOT. I remembered sweating buckets during my pantang days. With a warm baby close to me, I can't imagine anything more uncomfortable, so I am not sure. Those who use wrap, do you think it is too hot to wrap in Malaysia?

Pic taken from

And this last one is the Mei Tai Pikkolo. I have to say I actually fancy it because of the pretty fabric. But it doesn't look too comfortable for a newborn and the nearest one I can see it on hand is at Bangsar Tiny Tapir store. I had just seen the Mei Tai demo in video and my husband don't feel secure about me tying the fabric properly ( since I suck at that kinda thing ). So yeah. Probably not the Mei Tai. But it is really pretty lah.

Those who babywear. What ya think? Is the baby wrap way too hot? Kan senang if I have the confidence of guna kain batik je. Tapi I don't.


pet9 said...

i tak sempat pakai babywrap. masa beli boba 3g hamza dah 4 months pun. But we love babywearing. from 4-12 months memang babywearing most of the time. stroller masa tu tak guna pun. but bila dia dah dapat kaki...terus simpan tak jadi apa. I suka boba, back panel tinggi nak support kepala baby daripada ergo. kain tebal tapi baby tak panas dalam tu. lagipun i tak bawak dia outdoor sangat pun hahaha

lisalisut said...

Sama.. i teringin nk babywearing for nx baby.. tp i xstart dig psl babywearing lg. huhu..share la lg ye. hehe

Mari Femme said...

i hv boba and it helps a lot while during the chores. skarang pun still pakai esp time malas nk usung stroller. i hv to admit material die tebal n kalau xduk dlm aircond mmg panas but sill it is bearable. lgpun rse confiden wearing it sbb sgt secured and safe. sling pun ade beli tp hareeemmm xpakai sbb leceh.

dils said...

My husband cam berkenan the soft structured Boba jugak. Kali ni have to think of babywearing sebab tak terlarat nak bawak 2 stroller :D

dils said...

Nanti bile dah test2 and buy I tell more :D

dils said...

The sling tu macam cuak kan. Esp the ring sling, I tgk dalam demo pon kepala anak die terlentok lentok kiri kanan.. horror weh. Itu die. If me tataw la.

But yes. The main reason to buy this sebab pkkan chores nanti.

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