Thursday, October 31, 2013

Great TV

Warning: US TV shows talk

The latest Good Wife eps was excellent. Josh Charles just hit all the right note. Menacing, disappointed, heartbroken, rage, confused. I love it. I think The Good Wife is one of the good show and if the story arc is sometimes disappointing, the acting never is. 

Sejak ade anak ni memang tadek masa untuk tengok TV. Tapi naseb baik ade pumping time, which usually I pump around 30 mins time lunch hour. Time tu la nak tengok series yang 40 mins ++, selalunye pakai straps, kemas beg and all that took me around 10 mins total, so it is just nice la kan. This year, the only new show I watched is Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and Reign. Oh and Shields. 

I like OUATiW ( bapak malas type) because it is ever so whimsy. I like whimsy. I used to think I was whimsy before I know that people mostly regarded it as highly delusional. Still... I am a bit whimsy, only now I know better than to show it. Haha. It is even more whimsical than Once Upon a Time. I don't really like Jennifer Morrison character. Alice in OUATiW is kickass, a bit annoying, but overall likeable. 
On a sidenote I wonder why female tv writers tends to write female heroines as moony and have preposterous idea on love. I love Scandal and Olivia Pope is the MAN. She is an ultimate badass, but lame when it comes to love. I always struggle with her feeling with Fitz. So annoying that she is depicted that way. If a relationship is destructive to you, your being, moral compass, marriage etc. Leave it or stay and bear the consequences. But don't go all indecisive. Kejab ni kejab tu. 
Anywayy.. balik kepada topic asal. Reign is also kinda wonderful in a sorta fantasized historical drama directed at teens. It tells the story of Mary Queen of Scots. This is set in the Tudors era, but after Henry the 8th la. I love me some Tudors. So of course la I am watching even though the costumes are preposterous but very beautiful. It plays hard and loose with historical facts but apart from that it is fun, the location are beautiful, the cast a bit kayu especially the male actors tapi I forgive em sebab they are nice to look at. I wish they include other older hot looking dude. Ohh.. and Megan Follows of Anne of Green Gables fame is playing the Evil Queen. So of course I am watching.

The last one is Marvel Agent of Shields. It is kinda boring. But that is the usual with Joss Whedon shows. Like Dollhouse around eps 7 or 8 it started to get interesting. Buffy got kickass in Season 2 ( but that maybe just Spike). But the thing is, Joss Whedon' shows are known as having a slow build up. However I just can't seem to like Skye who is the lead female character. She got the Jennifer Morrison qualitylike where try as she might, I just don't like her. And also she is kinda bland, vanilla, no bite to her even when she is snarky. Eliza Dushku one note she is, is very talented in delivering snarky comments. There should be convinction in there!  I like everybody else .. hope it will rubbed off on her. 

The show is still trying to set up the Big Bad, so we are heading to the interesting bits. The one where the looked for people with extraordinary ability/things with extraordinary abilities are still kinda yawny.. so like I said working progress I guess. The thing is... I don't see Joss Whedon feels in this show. They are some tv creators that you just know their signature, Bryan Fuller, David E Kelley, Ryan Murphy, Shonda Rhimes, Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson.. they all have their own 'feels'.. what is the word.. I am missing the word. I am sure I will get it like tomorrow, but right now,.. I can't find the word. Anway.. all these creators above and Joss Whedon included, when they created a show, you just know their trademark.. the dialogue, the scene, the cinematography, camerawork. But I don't feel Joss in this one. I guess he must be very busy with the next avenger and maybe just a big name stamped on a show run by his son or maybe it is just not very apparent. Oh well. 

I hope Shields get better because with a big name like Joss... it should. 


Oh talking about Julie Plec and Kevin Willamson, I am liking The Originals which I also watch. I think it is now finding its own feet in a short amount of time. Compared to The Secret Circle which takes 21 episode to really find its groove and Vampire Diaries for me, took 10 eps for me to go like... "I can't wait to watch the next episode". The Originals, now took 5 episode.

I also like Klaus apart from Mystic Falls, though I wish Caroline can be in here too. As the supposed love interest Cami, is ok laa... but not enough chemistry kut. I am thinking this show will stick around compare to Reign and OUATiW ( not many watch those it seems... sigh..)



Soraya Zainal said...

Aku rase ko ade tweet aku pasal the Reign series, tapi terlepas pandang masa nak reply. Nanti nak copy dari kau boleh? hihi

dils said...

Boleh2. Tapi baru 3 eps keluar

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