Friday, October 04, 2013


Hey! I had time to watch movie dekat wayang at long last! Actually tadek la lama sangat. Last time I tengok wayang was World War Z. Zombies and Brad Pitt... it is an irresistible combination for me. 

Anyway sebab my husband akan balik semula ke Turk berkerja and I would take care of little Ajis sensorang after this. Hahaha. (Egads!) So die kasik wife die time alone untuk tengok wayang sebelom die pergi. Nanti kan after this susah laa. Bukan tak boleh.. susah.....

Ni dah paragraph ketiga dah ni. Saw wanna blog that I watched Gravity and here's my point form review sebab aku mengantuk tapi tetap nak blog. 

  • What is it about. It is about space. About what can go wrong when you go for a little spacewalk. And you get lost or drifted away from the safety of the spaceship ( is that what it called? spaceship? )
  • Quite a great movie but would be even more 'enjoiceful' if you watched in 3D. So I beseech you .. those who don't wear specs, see it in 3D for the whole gloriousness of it. It is meant to be seen in 3D pon . Kenapa aku tak tengok 3D? Agak sesalan.. tapi I hate holding the bloody glass throughout the movie if I want it to stay still . Sebab I wear glasses see. 
  • A very good performance by Sandra Bullock. I am not blown away by her performance. I think she is a good actress but not great. She don't quite get me breathless. Actresses that can get me breathless is Cate Blanchett and Marion Cotillard. But it is a great performance, though I think if given to a more powerful actress, I would even be losing my shit together with Dr Stone. 
  • The performance I am blown away by is George Clooney. He had always been a charming actor. He can charms the pants off anyone, hetero, homo and bi alikes. And this persona carried through here, but there is a little glimpse of  a great performance here and there especially when he have to let go. His expression breaks my heart. That alone nailed it, only that one scene carried the movie way up for me. I never knew he is quite a great actor and from that alone, I will look into his other dramatic role ( not Syriana, too boring.). 
  • The story is GREAT. It started like most thrillers... light.. then when the action start.. it goes big. It slowed down, then it goes up again. Slows down.. and up again. Just when I start to think the story is kinda dragging it feet, the action start back up. 
  • Summary. I would called it an action drama movie. More to drama.. but with a very well put out action that is a must see in 3D. So it is very worth to spend more sebab with all those things flying, floating around, I would imagine it would be very nice ( lagipon lagi lawa if the movie is dark kan..) . Tengok nyesal lagi tengok in 2D tapi aku tanak pakai spek tu okkk. 


lisalisut said...

i nk tgkkkk huhuhu.. tah bile laa. my fren kata boring myb not her thing.
xminat sandra bullock tp i tgk jln citer xksh sgt actor siapa if citer dh sdp hehe

dils said...

Cerita die menarik gak. Bile rase macam dah start dragging je .. action packed balik. Ade la masa slow sikit. Tapi die punye visual tu memang lawaaa. Sepatutnye kena tengok kat IMAX 3D baru rase super duper best kut.

iceroll said...

Aku lg suka cinematography and camera works dia. Especially part dia zoom in dr luar terus masuk dlm helmet, then dia zoom out balik keluar dr helmet tuh. Picturing what does it feels like.

dils said...

ooo..I like the part when she first tumbled terlepas tu. It was a great movie. The camera works memang trademark Alfonso Cuaron and it works here.

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