Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Muzium Negara

I went to Muzium Negara at long last. Last Saturday tu patutnye nak pergi KL Sentral je to settle my PTPTN. Habis settle, which took a while because there were a lot of people! (However I have to say, kudos to all of the young staffs there yang I can see that they had been working overtime but still smiling and if not, at least always replied back every enquiries politely).

Anyway, tadek plan nak pergi Muzium, but then Mahameru jam and we don't feel like joining in the fun, so we made a stop to the muzium. RM2 je pon per pax masuk. Sama harga dengan aiskrim kon yang dijual by pakcik aiskrim luar muzium tu.

It felt, short and like there is a lot more things that could be displayed. I am not sure if there were more, but we went to the Muzium Etnologi ( the orang asli punye exhibit which is quite nice and detailed) and the main building.

Dengan ayah at the Muzium Etnologi

The main building have 4 different segment to it. ( I think). The prehistoric, the before penjajahan (Malacca, Kerajaan Kedah, Champa and all that), the colonial era and Malaysia now. 

Like I said, it felt like there is a lot of things that are left off, but it was better than expected. The display is interesting and uses technology in their display quite well to attract the young people. I especially geeked out seeing the Perak Man skeleton. That was cool. 

Though IMO,  our royalty could help to lend more things kutt... 

But.. Aziz seronok je. He behaved mostly and I think the muzium is more to us because ape budak kecik tahu pasal muzium pon. He does like cannon a lot though. I was not so mobile as period paid so bapak die banyak take over. He walked around having a blast especially since there are primary schoolchildren around to gush all over him. He liked that more than any cannons. Die sibuk nak ikut those schoolgirls tu. LOL. 

Bersuka ria depan singgahsana

By the end of the museum visit, die pon pengsan and we go home too, as we were wiped out too. 

Oh, the week before we went to Aquaria jugak, but no pics from my end sebab my phone habis battery. Only this from my husband IG je.

He is using my finger to point at the fishes. Sometimes he do that when looking at things in the tab. Mungkin die ingat ini adalah screen tab jugak.

I don't think so he quite gets the Aquaria. He did likes seeing the fish, but only if the fish swam really fast. He also like if the fish came right to his face. Apart from that, apa die tahu jaws dan ikan pari besar kan. Haha. Maybe after a year or two we will bring him again. 

I enjoyed Aquaria too, though I missed out on the Piranha feeding. Super bummed out. Really wanna see how fast they chow down food. So if you wanna go, try to see the 'show' you want to go to and go during that time.. or left feeling bummed like I did. ( Sebab mahal kuttt.. kalau harga entrance macam muzium negara pergi hari hari pon takpe ). 


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nice! aquaria n museum in my plans too hehe. tp muzium later la kot hehe

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