Friday, July 19, 2013

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Bulan puasa ni .. is a challenge. However the challenge is not of tahan lapar or dahaga. The exhaustion. If hari biasa if I am exhausted, drinking water or a little perk me up cokes, lemonade, coffee, choc will lessen the desire to sleep but since puasa kena la powered through. I usually sleeps late since I prepared Ajis food, and pump milk. Walaupon dah diintroduce dengan formula, I found out that he is not keen on it. He much rather go without, so tak sampai hati la to stop pumping or lessen the pumping as he is not 1 yet. Mommy gigih la pump tengah2 malam. Which resulted me to not waking up sahur as I am much too tired. My sahur consists of only drinking water je. Kenkadang makan roti or dried fruits. If it is the weekend then I will try to eat a bowl of oats as weekend is more tiring as we are on the feet more usually. 

Tapi since before tu I dah ganti 19 days of puasa before, so tadekle shock sangat badan bile Ramadhan tiba. Cuma penat je la. On the upside, I shed some kilos! Yeay! Cikgu violin pon cakap dah kurus la. Wahhhhh! 

As for puasa pon aside from tiredness. It had been good. Buka puasa at my sister house. My sister usually cooks and I pulak tadek masa nak beli ape-ape pon sebab balik tu busy nak pump susu. Kalau awal, then I singgah to pasar ramadhan, but as of today, I had been once to a pasar ramadhan. Nothing appetizing pon. There is also nothing specific I want untuk berbuka pon. Cuma sekali je. I want sandwich ayam I buat sendiri. Haha. So masa I MC last Monday I buat la sandwich ayam. Hmmm.. ingat balik sandwich ayam ni macam best je. Maybe buat sandwich tuna? Tapi to be honest I don't really like sandwich tuna, sardine maybe tapi I tak kose la nak masak. Ayam rebus je. Then carik2 ( Macam susah naww nak masak sardin pon kan... nanti la). 

As we are deciding to send away the maid, I am racking up the brain and contact to see of any suitable babysitters or taska. If husband is still not back, then a nursery in Bangsar is kinda my only choice because my working hours and office, punye la susah I nak sampai Bukit Antarabangsa before 7, how la to hantar taska there. From the forum, people say the fees can range up to 8k per semester. I cakap kalau 8k per semester baik amik maid baru. But we will see. Asking husband for thoughts adalah sama macam asking my cats for advise. Maybe sebab he is over there, so takleh nak act sangat or he does not realize. 

Anway... lepas Raya ni I will update on how things go. The thought of sending him to taska kinda breaks my heart, but this is also the best for both of us I think. Which is why top notch taska la mahu di cari. In the mean time, frakkk... I tak apply leave lagi. Leave raya ok. 

Raya tahun ni. Di Sarawak. Hehe. I had only been there once before ( bukan Bintulu but kampung nenek die). So this year at Sarawak with baby in tow and bringing along the maid jugak. Tak tahu la mana nak sumbat semua orang bile nak balik kampung Balingian. This time with baby Ajis along, I guess it would be more interesting. Though untuk orang yang biasa raya kecil-kecilan with only a few of my adik beradik and only sometimes venturing out of the house, I am not exactly exhilarated at the thought of raya with sedara mara yang berpuluh ramainye under one roof. Bukannye ape. Tak biasa. Raya kalau kat JB, siang meriah, kul 12 dah boleh tidur! Muehehehe. 

Ok la. Nak apply leave. Kang ade tak beraya langsung sebab lupa nak apply cuti. Hehe. 

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