Wednesday, July 03, 2013

11 months old!

Aiyooo. So fast la sudah 11 months. Soon he is gonna be a toddler. Ohmai!

Today I saw that another 2 teeth di gusi atas is gonna pop up soon. Sobs! Now I know why mommies always want a new baby. It is so sad when their baby leaving their babyhood.


He can stands lagi lama. Starting to put his feet forward to walk tapi macam tak confident lagi.

He can climbs down the bed. But so far he only did that once. I am not encouraging it. Heh.

I bought him mainan where you need to put various types of shapes blocks to go into the box. He only likes to throw it around if left unsupervised.  If supervised playing he can manage to put some shapes in. He knows the star shapes block suppose to go into the star shapes hole cuma he dont have the knack to pusingkan it to go in. Sometimes can sometimes not. Cool. Because mommy cant wait to buy baby castle lego so she can play pretend to build castle with knights. Hehe.

Speech not so much. Babbles. Screams. But boys are usually a little bit late in term of language development than girls. And I am always in the lookout of signs of ADHD / autism ever since I saw my little cousin had one. But it is so hard to detect in babies. It is kinda one of my fear. So yeah. Tawakkal .(And no I actually dont believe vaccination is the cause of autism. He havent had his MMR jab yet but I am waiting til he is one then we will give it. My sister the doctor advised to wait till baby is at least a year old for the jab)

Less needy. He currently likes bruno mars lazy song so that is a welcome respite from the daily taylor swift. But still if I am there and I dont pick him up nanti muka die monyok.

I noticed he likea to eat rice. Not so much pasta or pies. And pisang. Suke gile pisang. Or he may like buah. Maybe masa pregnant dulu everyday I duk makan buah je kut. Macam last sunday I bagi die mac and cheese and I put bananas in it. Laju je makan. Selalunye dalan 45 mins jugak la nak habiskan. Ni dalam 20 30 mins dah habis makan. Fuhhh. Kena add pisang in everywhere ke.

He likes to play with his cousins and the cats. Ade tu die nangis I panggil Bobby suruh jaga (suke hati je ko dilaaa) and bobby duk gesel kat ajis, push ajis to lie down and try to sit on him making ajis laugh. Bobby marvellous with Ajis. He really likes my baby.

Tidur masih lagi nak berputing. He only needed it to fall asleep though and after dah it will falls off.
Next month he is gonna be 1 year old. Oh my. Time sure flies.

Abang Bobby cakap stop! Dia nak naik gak. 


frH said...

she?? hoihhh dah tak sabar nak baby girl pulok lew tuuuu .. hiksss.

yup .. aku ada baca gak ADHD .. belum boleh nampak lg .. i even google is hadzim on any symptoms sbb dia lambat ckp .. tp xde plak .. risau kan .. kalaulah ada harap2 dpt detect cpt .. tapi apa pon mintak dijauhkan, nauzubillah ..

haha ni mcm hadzim dulu .. at 1 time aku rasa semua mende aku kene letak pisang, sampaikan bubur nasik pon aku belasah letak pisang ahahha .. xpe as long dia makan.

haha best btol ada nanny cat ...

dils said...

haha. she tu aku refers pada aku laa. Tapi ade gak la keinginan mahu baby girl. Nantiiiiiii.

Aku tengok Hadzim ok je setakat ni. ADHD tarak nampak kat Hadzim la, autism tu la, kenkdang ade macam2 jenis kan, kadang bile dah masuk sekolah baru tahu.

At least pisang senang la. Takyah nak potong, buang biji bagai . Bagus gak die suke pisang.

lisalisut said...

oh our babies sebaya? hehe. i just discover hannah's 1st tooth 2 days ago.bkn i. adik i. haha.sbb b4 ni i mls nk tgu gigi dia xkeluar2. lol. tgk2 bile i xheran keluar pulak. bab turun katil i seriau. Hannah ni dh biasa main lompat dia igt i nk ambik dia kt bwh. dia turun laju smpai dia xtau yg dia xsdr benda tu tinggi. if sofa ok lg.xtgi sgt n she can climb down well. katil i still cuak.huhu.

pet9 said...

same here babe. i selalu risau pasal autism. sebab autism hanya boleh detect as early as 2 years old je. my cousin yang tinggal with my parents ada Dyselexia...tak sama macam autism tapi masih ada attitude yang normal people sometimes tak tahan. tawakal kepada Allah.

dils said...

yups2. Your baby is earlier one day than mine.

Takut kalau dah berani turun katil tu satu. Satu lagi, penat nak mengejar kalau die dah start keliling bilik or nak gi bilik air lak. Huhu.

dils said...

Haih itu la kan. I think alot of people memang takut. Tak tahu sekarang ni makin banyak case autism or before ni tadek awareness if that is autism,

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