Monday, July 22, 2013


I think every mother yang baca kisah tragis of the kid left in car duk terngiang-ngiang. I am not gonna comment much about it except for a person who had locked Gollywolly in (!!!! Bad Owner!!!) for 3 hours di tengah har panas and Kurap for 4 hours dari petang ke malam.. I kinda understand how this can happened. 

Yang Kurap tu happened a few months back. I balik dari kedai kut and groceries was at the car boot. I had opened the car door for a while and then open the boot. Then after I take the things from the carboot, I terus tutup the car door. Petang tu cari Kurap tak jumpa. Malam tu keluar lagi cari Kurap, tengok die tengah baring belakang kereta pandang I. Fuhhh. Cuak kejab. But I agak2 the time die terperangkap tu is not that hot tapi dalam kereta still panas gak. 

Then minggu lepas I was down with flu. Amik MC, bought groceries then sampai rumah I let the cats roam free while I unload my groceries. On my second trip to the car dari rumah tu, ade tinggal cat food je nak unload then tetiiba Gollywolly went in the car. I tutup pintu kereta as in my head I will put the plastic beside the door and go back to the car. It shouldnt take a minute pon. Kereta kat porch je pon. Bukan duduk kondo or bungalow besar. But I forgot. In my head I think all the groceries had been unloaded. I terus masuk rumah and continue to do some stuffs. That was around 12.30 kut. Then pukul 3 petang I bukak pintu and panggil the cats name. Terus nampak Gollywolly with her front paw at the dashboard and legs at the seat peering at me. Horror ok. Tangan ketar jab while I open the car door.Door opened and she terus loncat keluar and pergi baring tepi pintu. I brought her water and wipe some water on top of her head, she drank half the bowl. 

So people who said it can't happened. It can happened. This time it was cats, who knows I might forgot, in my sakit kepala after unloading groceries thinking of chores, I might leave my child strapped in. This are called Forgotten Baby Syndrome. I was lucky with the cats that they are ok. I needed to really double check. And a lot of the stories I read, it is not that they didn't think of their child, it is that in their mind, their child is already at their babysitter/nursery/home. It is like any other day. 

Tadi masa park kereta pon I glanced at my baby empty carseat. Not that he is gonna be there as I sent him by foot to my sister house with the maid. Tapi nanti bile maid dah tadek that have to be a practice kan? There are a lot of tips. 

If you go to There is a lot of tips and few gut wrenching stories by parents whose child had died in cars. Half of those because they forgot. Most of those who forgot, there is a change of routine. A sick child. Not enough sleep. Busy schedule. Another half is when child playing in car and got locked in. That should also be a practice. To train kids that a car is not a toy. Car keys needed to be out of reach. Cars need to be always locked. 

I think one of the tips I can try is placing stuffs at the carseat belakang and before walking away from the car to check the back. I will start this today. This should be a habit. 


frH said...

sedihkan baca kisah tu .. cant imagine how will i react if i were in her shoes .. so it happened to u even for kucing jek .. yaaaaa sama dgn yg aku fikir, the best way is to put everything on the passenger's seat at the back so u will never forget .. and always practice to double look on behind or your back to make sure you have not leave anything.

dils said...

Itu la kan. Kenkadang nak letak barang kat belakang ni leceh sikit. Tapi kena train la diri at least untuk tengok belakang. Horror.

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