Thursday, July 25, 2013

Book Update - Reilly, Gregory, Alexander & Kinsella

Ice Station (Shane Schofield, #1)Ice Station by Matthew Reilly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

About the book? A team of scientists discovered a spaceship in Antartica and hijinks ensues in the forms of military combatants trying to gain control.

I always like Matthew Reilly. He writes entertaining adventure action thriller books that is not boring. If you are looking something that is close to reality, his books are not it. But for mindless, wham, bam, shoot and good testosterone fun. This is it.

While I always lament that his weakness is in writing out characters, but I like Shane Schofield much better than Jack West Jr. His humanity is much more fleshed out here though I still like to know what makes him as he is. Maybe the next books will give more.

This book, it is fun. Simple. Action packed. We got spaceship, a cute kid, a seal, gun vs cross bow battles, killer whales, hovercraft race. Action packed I told you!

Expect only that and nothing more and you get yourself an entertaining read, which I did ( because I already know what to expect)

The Constant Princess (The Tudor Court, #1)The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

About? The early life of Katherine of Aragorn.

I am intrigued of Katherine of Aragorn. She must be an extraordinary woman, and this book, seems to think so too but however manage to not highlight it.

While many agreed that she perhaps had consummated her marriage with Prince Arthur, I think the author stretched herself too thin with, Katherine supposed death bed promise. I would like Katherine much better if she lied because of ambition.

The book skipped the major part when she married Henry the 8th which took away a lot of Katherine achievement as queen. Maybe the book mostly is how when she is queen.

I like the book enough, but Katherine is reflected kinda poorly here and it is hard to like her. All in all, kinda underwhelming book when it could be so much more.

The Cat Who Wished to be a ManThe Cat Who Wished to be a Man by Lloyd Alexander
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What's it about? Exactly as the title. Lionel, a pet cat of a wizard wished to be a man and travels the world. So he did. Except he only travels to a town. Close enough.

It is a cute and wonderful book. A book like no other and it is a fun read. I love it when he tried to get used to be a man. Lionel is funny, earnest, honest and kind. A book that I believed children would love. A cute tale which I will save when my son is older for us to enjoy together.

Mini Shopaholic (Shopaholic, #6)Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

The last book of the Shopaholic series I gather, but I don't know the ending seems to hint on more. *groans*

Well, those who are familiar with Becky Bloomwood, a shopaholic will know what it is about. This time is with her daughter, a Mini Becky in tow.

Sigh. Where to start. I may quite possibly hate her now.

- She is selfish, a liar, in denial of own issues, childish, immature, does not want to better herself.

She is basically a horrible person especially to her husband. Honestly, why the hell Luke still like her?

Sophie Kinsella, did mentioned that she wrote the book with the economic depression in mind, and try to incorporate that in. If by incorporating meant other people paying for your luxury... what an easy way out.

I don't think so I can read another of her series. I may burned all the sequels except for the first book. The first book seems ok enough, but if the shopaholic is no longer a shopaholic why the need of another and another book right?


chics said...

I too detest the last book of the shopaholic series. Menyakitkan hati je baca and kalau baca semua buku kinsella including the singles, semua watak dalam tu mcm suka menipu [albeit tak sengajalah kononnya]. Like wth?

I might look for the cats who wished to be a man, macam comel je bunyik.

dils said...

oh yeps. come to think of it, ye la kan. But I think Madeline Wickham is slightly different kan tone to it kan. But yeah.. rase macam dah outgrew Becky Bloomwood. Rase nak shake shake je die tu.

Buku Cat Who Wished to be a Man tu jumpa masa beli buku second hand. Cute je cerita die.

Arena said...

Salam. Br jek stary baca sini. Suka pulak. Dah lama x baca novel. Beli berlambak dekat big bad wolf tak baca2 lagi. Yg beli tahun lepas pon x baca tapi tahun ni beli gak lagi hehe. I setuju watak becky itu. I knly have the first one jek. Yg lepas tu i still read but i pinjam or sewa jek sebab i know sure aku meluat punya hahaha. i cringe bila baca watak dia. Betullah like u said. Camnerla luke tu still love her. Hahaha. But i like kinsella s book domestic goddes dan twenties girl. Yg tu wataknya ok. Walaupun heroin nya selalu cas2 terer gitu tp kiut la jugak.

dils said...

Wsalam Arena. Oh sama la. Beli punye le banyak kat BBW tapi tak baca pon lagi. Bz sangat la katakan. LOL. Buku yang tengah baca ni pon dari BBW 3 tahun lepas :0

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