Thursday, December 13, 2012

Izinkan saya merapu

- Am listenng to Game of Thrones soundtrack. I love soundtrack. I especially love this soundtrack. Other soundtracks I love Bridget Jones, Romeo & Juliet (yg Leo & Claire Danes punye itu), Titanic ( Of course!) and The Last of the Mohicans. Best woo listening to soundtrack. 

- Am horribly busy. Which is why I blog. Obviously

- Am wearing my Mulberry today. Alang2 nak pegi Tamarind Hill for team dinner, I bawak beg bersesuaian. Cewah. 

Untuk Dila: Beg Mulberry yang diletak unceremoniously je atas meja lagi sikit nak kena coke. Nanti amik gamba posing dengan beg... kalau sempat. Righttt... LOL. 

- Sangat tempted nak beli breadmaker Kenwood. I love breads. My family love bread, and why not make own bread!

-  I honestly think I have a mild case of Number Dyslexia. Am ok with words, but horrible with numbers. I had been in trouble several time because when I changed coding for defects, I need to put in the defect number as reference. If I am not careful, I always mixed up the number. e.g. 14531, I will put it in as 14351 so nanti bile cari balik the defect orang akan emo with me because they cant find the defect description. So aku kena terbalikkan2 nombor tu untuk get the correct reference -_-" . This is the same with bill. I HATE long reference number. I always have to triple check, because most of the time I got the sequencing wrong the first time. Or I might just have terrible memory. But like some teacher noticed, I have photographic memory (which is diminishing by the years. Banyak dosaaa! ), but I can't seem to get numbers correct. So yeah, paying bills to me is a chore and take a long time. Sebab I always need to triple check. Dan kena calm and without interruption so I bole concentrate typing number!

- Husband brought Kurap to the vet for her yearly vaccination shot. Sebab I can't be there, I asked him to take a video for me. Tadek ape2 yang pelik. Only Kurap meowing je. Kurap memang bising at vet. Bobby pulak suke lari sikit-sikit. Tengok2 dah kat hujung table ready nak terjun. Gollywolly setakat ni tak dapat predict lagi. Yang paling baik at vet is Puteh :(

Sambung buat kejeeeeeee


Erni SB said...

hahahaha!wah beg yang bergaya..wewwittt! breadmaker?rajins gilers.

dils said...

Beg buatan British gittewww.. (ehh.. tak check pulak betul ke tak made in hingeland)

Sebab malas la breadmaker wehhh. Campak2 je, voila dapat roti! kalau rajin kena uli bagai, bake kat oven.

lini said...

wee cantik handbag.. ahh btul la british brand.. knp tak beli shocking color.. hihi baru la gempak..

dils said...

Sebab minat style ni, Alexa style, and die ade in basic color je. Hehe. Tapi takpe la, at least a classic/

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