Saturday, December 15, 2012

Big Bad Wolf Books Part Deux - 2012

Went there during last Tuesday, time birthday Sultan Selangor as I took a leave on that day. Big mistake. I thought there is no public holiday on that day! So the crowd that day was quite... crowdy (hihi.. 2 am writing this, my vocab is like shit at this hour). Bahh. Tapi its not really a loss as I am mostly there to take away the kiddies and let my mom and my sister shopped. Also I have Ajis in my hands, so tadek masa sangat to pick books. And in the middle of the hall he was cranky to be fed, so memang la got no time. 

Tadek masa pon I still manage to pick one or two and a few for my niece (not pictured). The rest my husband picked, especially the True Blood series because he known I was looking for them. 

Eh.. .. not bad for around an hour trip kan. And I was not shopping either. 

Oh I am glad that the BBW organizer ade a play area for the kids. Really great. RM10 per hour and RM5 subsequent half an hour I think, max RM30. My nephews love it. And I saw that the people manning the play area is really great with kids too. Kudos for the organizers. 

Well then, am out. Just updating my purchase. Dont think so am going again. Buku tahun lepas pon havent read them yet. Though am a bit tension I didnt purchase for the Red Readerhood charity thingies too, because when I went there last time. I got no cash. 

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