Thursday, December 06, 2012

Big Bad Wolf Sales 2012

Well then, got meself a preview pass again. Yeay!

This time it is held currently at the Mines and manage to haul my husband along to carry my loads. So I went today! Yeay!

As it is still the preview pass, there is not much crowds, but there was still quite a lot of people. Cuba bayangkan kalau time sale tu nanti. 

The books are LOADSSS. Depending on whom (which authors) you like la. I didn't find a lot of Young Adult authors that I like, (kalau ade pon I already got), but there is still quite a selection for everybody. I didn't find any Twilight books this time though. Noooo, it is not for me, but my friend pesan. So I have to disappoint her. 

A lot of cooking books, the travel sections don't look too varied, but I may have not been looking hard enough, and I couldn't find the CDs that they posted they had. Maybe tak keluarkan lagi kut, tapi I dah penat to look sana sini pon. 

But for everything else... there is a lot. A lot Ludlum, all the usual chic lits, Laura Weisberger, Jane Green, Madeline Wickham/Sophie Kinsella.... I helped myself to quite a lot of chic lit. Didnt hunt for serious books this time. Only glanced at the Non Fiction one, except for Parent and Kiddies section, so I can't say what you want maybe there. A lot of Nigella books, her fans would be delighted. 

Oh the graphic novels selection would thrill a lot of superheroes (X Men, Spiderman, Ironman, Thor ... those are the most of it) fan. Lots of Marvel. Not a lot of graphic novel that I like, so I bought only one. The kiddies section are massive. In my experience, the kiddie books go out fast. So I think when I go there the second time, a lot of the popular Disney and Pixar books will be gone. Which is why I grabbed some for my nephews. 

Now... finished with all my wordiness above. My haul this year. 

I am thrilled the Wolf have this. These books cost a bomb in bookstores. 

Ok tipu, I have 2 graphic novel. Yang tetengah tu comic collection. 

CATZ! *no added words necessary*

Both husband and I agreed on this book. Berat wehh..

Nope.. that is not all.. meh I tambah lagi gamba di bawah ini...

Express housekeeping! For the clueless like moi!

Buku resepi dalam BM! RM 2 and RM3 je wehh.

I think I already have some of this...

Baking wares pon ade wehhh. RM10 je yang muffin tu... Murah wehhhh

Belom habis lagi. Ade lagiii.. ade...

The complete set of Malory Towers!  Ko ingat senang ke nak jumpa niiii. Kat MPH jual  box set ade 5 je. Macam mana ko boleh jual box set tak complete niiii. Buku ni dah la dah berzaman

My books! All minee!

Dan last but not least, sebab dah ade Ajis in our life.

Children's book. Terbeliak mata Ajis tengok buku Colours tu. Kaler die terang benderang. Actually not all of the children book in the above pic tu Ajis punye. A lot of it are for my nephews and nieces. Ajis punye buku, ade 4. Yang The Incredibles tu buku Mummy die. Haha.

Oklah. Gonna do other stuffs. Had fun at the sales, got to shop till trolley gotten heavy to lug around. Maybe I'll go again this Tuesday tapi bringing along my Mom and nephews and nieces, so I doubt I'll be doing much shopping on my own. Ye la tuu..

Oh... the damage. RM500++. Gulp. Kthxbai. 


kak aidah said...

Lega akak. Guna tablet baru boleh komen.
Akak pun sama jugak tahap kerabakan poket. 506 to be exact. Hihihi. Tapi berbaloi dan puas hati. Thanx a lot dik for reminding me about the sale. Late nite nanti nak pergi lagi kot. Dekat sgt mines ni. Siap terdengar2 lagi panggilan wolfie tu. Tapi dik, traffic jam, jgn ckplah. Siap org nak pergi area umah akak ni kena ikut jalan lain yang jauuuh sgt. Tapi akan ku tabahkan hati demi buku2 murah itu.

ilyani said...

yeay! regardless buku dari last year's Wolf pun tak habis baca lagi, me still going there! nak rasa midnight shopping this time :)) oh baking wares pun ada.. menarik.

frh said...

mak aihhhh gile rabakkkkk.
tapi utk kau not a surprised for me .. haha. tp kalau kau spent 100 jek tu mmg surprised laa .. haha.

dils said...

hahaha.. tu pon boleh macam.. "ni je??"

dils said...

hehe... so pegi tak midnight tu? Dengar very hectic jumaat malam tu, better on saturday.

dils said...

Banyak akak spent. Tapi saya ingatkan saya dah banyak, tapi ade je jumpa orang spend sampai seribu pon. Woooahhh.

ilyani said...

yaa pegi jumaat, big mistake! at 12am pon 1 hour dalam jem.. aiyo. done at 3am+, long queue nak bayar pulak, seems like everyone had same plan as me that night =.= eh tak jumpa la baking wares kt dalam hall tu ke or outside?? (tiba2 penting nak cari baking wares pulak) or myb takde that hour?

dils said...

Masa I pegi last tuesday nampak yang baking silicone for cake tu je. Yg muffin2 n cake pan tu takde dah. Rasenye cepat kut org cekup. Huhu.

Iz Yahya said...

Amboi biskut lebaran tu aku tak tahan tu hahahahahahaha..

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