Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Point Rambles

Aku adalah super tempted nak beli satu kipas letak atas meja ni. Kepanasan niii. 


Nak menulis blog tapi my head feels like it is in a jam as I am feeling super uncomfortable with the heat. Boleh tak aku nak work from a coffee shop yang aircond die bagaikan angin artik??? Maybe in point form? 

1. Aku maseh kepanasan. Kenapa opis tadek ice machine??? Kenapa opis punye cold water dispenser is lukewarm at best??? kenapa... kenapa... kenapaaa....

2. They cancelled The Secret Circle, which makes me a bit sad because the show is finally finding its groove. But it got its groove like in the last 3 or 4 episode before the finale so too late, unlike Vampire Diaries, that got good and better and better around episode 10. Kevin Williamson needs to build better buildup. I am interested to watch Cult though. 

3. Bought a clutch which I used as a purse. Senangg. Boleh sumbat handphone sekali

4. It is still kinda funny to me to see my stomach moving on its own. It feels so alien-like. 

5. My lips cracked and bleed so bad the past few weeks that I takut I may lose my lips altogether (ok.. taklaa), just that maybe disfigured for life. Hehe. Read in the forum, people used lip balm ( only works if I apply every 3 hrs which I always forgot) or olive oil. One of the forummers used her anti stretchmark cream, and I took her advice. Haha. I am using Burt Bee's Belly Butter to prevent stretch mark (which so far seems to be working ok ), so every night I dab a bit at my lips. Dalam kepala I think it should be OK since the product is suppose to be organic and all. Dalam 2 malam je sudah kembali ok my lips. No more cracked painful lips!

6. Nasib sungguh. Got no work for so long, then came back to work today after so long and having problems with my connection. Time ade problem with connection tu jugak laaa, time tu keje urgent gile yang complicated maut datang. Hoh! 

7. Am in my 28th week, and now in third trimester. Pergh.. time goes by so fast. Baby is fine, 1.1 kg. Sudah berkg beratnye which I found soothing. 

Dah-dah. Mengantuk blur-blur ni. 

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