Thursday, May 03, 2012

MTV dream

Now and then I'll have a completely wild dream. No zombie. No.. it is more like rom coms type of dreams. 

Recently I had a dream. It felt like I was in a music video. 

I dreamt I was young, wild and Caucasian. ( Ni kes banyak sangat tengok series US ni). 

I was waiting to perform , fiddling, at a bar during the twilight hour. I remember because everything is orange. The sun is setting down. I was sitting clutching my violin, eyes rapt on the stage. There was a young man, performing on a stool. Rocking a guitar. He looked a lot like Christian Kane with his long hair (if you watch Leverage it is Elliot Spencer, but to me he will always be Lindsey from Angel). 

He finished performing. There was a wild applause. He was good. Very, very good. I remembered I then stood up, walked up to him as he walked off the stage and then practically I threw myself at him. Jumped at him, wrapping my legs around and we kissed. A long incredibly passionate kiss. We broke it off because it was then my turn to perform. 

Then my dream ended. 

MTV dream. It is like taken straight from a cheesy music video. I would like to think a better music video than the one you normally seen in karaoke. One of the many, many joy in karaoke, is also laughing at the incredibly cheesy videos. Especially the 80s one. You can't beat those. 

It was a nice dream. I basically get to have an affair and be beautiful without all the hassle and trouble. LOL.  Maybe it just shows you that husband tiada lama sangat so I gersang. Haha. But nothing erotic was going on, it was just incredibly cheesy romantic. 

p/s: But kenapa mesti Christian Kane. Kenapa kalau orang yang I kiss in my dream mesti bukan James McAvoy but always some random guy I never minat. James McAvoy is persistently absent!


FrH said...


aku jarangggg sgt mimpi, tp time pregnant mesti selalu mimpi, siap merepek-repek lg mimpi. ada aku baca kalau pregnant ada org senang nak mimpi merepek2.

tp kalau mimpi tu spt yg diharapkan (mcm kes kau, hoping for James McAvoy) tu xpe gak kan.

kawan aku siap mimpi dr rozmi tu berhari2 masa dia pregnant ghagahghaa.

Dils said...

Ha ah kan. Aku baca gak bile pregnant mimpi macam extra vivid sikit.

Haha.. tak boleh tahan la membe ko yg mimpi Dr Rozmey tu. Gile nightmare rasenye walaupon mimpi indah kutt.

taqiyuddin bakir said...

Because mcavoy died in Dunkirk of septicemia

Dils said...

Robbie Turner

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