Friday, June 25, 2010

Kittehs broke my heart

I just got back from Midvalley nye Pet Fair. The absolute cuteness of animals in there can just about kill you. I found myself gravitating to the SPCA one because the cats there absolutely broke my heart and also found me itching to add another cat in the home.

Bile nampak seekor ni, teringat Fasha masa kecik-kecik..

She is also very garang, where I observed she will hiss and spit if any other cats come near her.

Tapi yang ni is very-very playful and I absolutely love her/him for that.

Tak boleh duduk diam langsung, hence the blurry gamba. I was playing with it. Dangling my phone-nye tali charm to it.

Kucing lain semua duduk termenung di dalam litter box. Kesian okeh.

Oh, Pet Fair tu nak masuk kena bayar. RM 5. But the goods in there (alang-alang memang kena beli mainan kucing untuk kucing gemuk di rumah), is quite ok la price there.

I am going back later to the exhibition hall to buy a new cat litter box. The current one, a fat cat had broken it by perching on the side of the tray on all fours to do her business. Mana tak patah.

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