Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Felt like screaming

Instead I can't. 

Currently I have a task needs doing, some configuring some thingies in the SAP thingies (believe me, I have no ideas what some of it called either) and the other part coding a.k.a code some workaround the so the things would work on a unfinished product. Andddd... when I had done my workaround, I need to undo it once the product has finished and redo the config and probably update the codes. ANDDDD I have to wait for the people over there (also known as EU people) to finish up their things or fix this demented thing so I can continue the workaround, and I am blooody stuck with nothing to go on because nothing is fix and nothing is being done and its crap. And I am crap. 

Gah! It make me wants to pull my hair off. 

So ranting over. Maybe dengan ranting, I am hoping some divine inspiration would come careening from the sky and plop in my head and EUREKA! A solution is born! Jeebus, it make you feel like going back to the 1700s Austen era, and all the gentile women have to do to while their time away is by reading out aloud or some cross stitching. (No... sewing clothes is not considered gentile). But of course if you are lucky enough to be gentile, if I have my luck and lived in that era, I am probably the chambermaid where I have to clean these gentile ladies chamber pots, go back home later to give my few pennies of salary to my abusive husband while I cooked a measly dinner comprising of the gentile leftover trash dinner and all the while keeping my 5 kids from tearing each other throats. That is of course if you are born in England. I think if I were to be born in Malaya if would be the same thing.

I am livening up my imagination and try to imagine what my past life coulda been if I were born in that era or born in a different country. Its a fun hobby. 

Yes, I do realized I am not blogging enthusiastically as before. I just don't have the spirit for it at the moment.


epicurienne said...

Hey, don't worry. Everyone I know who blogs needs a break from it from time to time. Sometimes that thing called LIFE just gets in the way, and we do all have to pay our bills after all. And eat. And buy books. So just try to chill out and come back when you feel better. HUGS!

Dils said...

All you said is true, but I can't seem to keep away!

But I will be on a weeklong holiday next week! To Langkawi. I remembered your entries when you went there.

And me a Malaysian, next week is my first time to the Langkawi Island.

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