Friday, June 25, 2010

awesome smosome

Semalam I was fasting. Cadang-cadang nak balik awal buat spaghetti. Kemudian tak sempat masuk simpang pastu sesat mesat di sekitar KL selama sejam. Terima kasih KL kerna tidak memberi signboard yang clear. So I called my husband informing him I am 'sangat' sesat dan silalah beli makanan sebab I don't have the mood to cook anymore. 

And today I was bercadang to upload the gamba Langkawi, but then I I found out that I brought only the cable not the camera. So nope, no update about Langkawi. Prolly on the weekend. 

But the husband telah bercita-cita untuk cat dapur. Hmmm.. its been a while since we done any home improvement thingies, so I am looking forward to it. 

Tonight we would be watching Knight and Day. It looked fun. And while people used to hate on Tom Cruise, I'd always secretly love him and was secretly devastated when he and Nicole got a divorce. Kenapa perlu secretly and devastated, I have no idea. In Mission Impossible he was meh, but this movie, this is the kinda role which make Tom Cruise, Tom Cruise. Oh yeah, and one of my absolute favorite movie was A Few Good Men. Because it was awesome. "You can't handle the truth!" . I love that line! Granted it was Jack Nicholson who said that but the way Tom Cruise contorted his face and spit flying everywhere shouting to get Jack Nicholson to say that, was awesome. I need to stop saying awesome.

Okeh. Ramblings need to be over. Kena buat kerja and taip timesheet.


Serr said...

true, true! that was one memorable scene! but i can't stand tom cruise anymore after the couch-jumping incident. hehe

Dils said...

He was embarassing then, I had to admit and I am more of a Team Kidman than Cruise. But I never stop liking him also. Heh.

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