Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back From Holiday

 Taken around 7 am at Langkawi. The sea was warm even in the early morning and cool in the hot sun.

I mean from this sight at Langkawi to getting back to work tomorrow. Bah! Ain't that depressing. 

Got back on Thursday evening, then picked up the cats and got a staggeringly high bills for the pet boarding that almost keeled me over. 
Then come night I am the one that is keeling over the toilet throwing up all over the place. As usual, I would get sick after a long holiday. I spend the whole night either throwing up or shitting. It is not pleasant. Yes, not pleasant to you readers too, but its need to be said. 

So on Friday, the only thing I can manage is to stare at the TV to watch How I Met Your Mother Season 5. Not so awesome. Yeah, I think Season 5 is the weakest season so far. It got a few high points, but most of the time I can only muster a smile. Ah well. 

Oh did we say that we went to Batu Feringghi for some dvds. My sole purpose is to buy Medium, but they had not yet have Medium. Gah! I need my serial killer fix damn it. And usually Medium served up the horror without the gore and no, thanks, I will wait before watching Dexter. I mean does Dexter have a killer who stuff a body of a toddler into a toy box that used to have a toddler toy in it?

So my husband bought The Big Bang Theory, which was ok enough because it have a lot of geeks and  nerds reference to bring out a laugh but nothing really extraordinary.

And a few movies of course 2 of which we had bought.

Date Night - Good comedy, nice down to earth feels to it. But I was either too sick/mengantuk/drugged out to concentrate much, so I feel it is just ok.

She's out of my league - A bit of There's Something About Mary. Funny, hilarious at the moment. But again. Nothing really extraordinary.

I am the type of viewer who like to feel connected to the characters, and all of the characters I watched on the movie above is either blah or I don't really care about. So yeah, those 2 movies are forgettable enough.

Movie ape lagi yek, oh ye. The Lovely Bones and Sunshine Cleaning. Maybe next week.

And I am ending this post now because I am trying to watch either the Big Bang Theory or Mercy.


frH said...

pergh. best gile.
langkawi in detail plsss

mommy nazeef said...

ni hanimun yg ke berape ni?hahaha...besnyerrrr!!

Dils said...

Nanti aku post. Huhuhu. Tengah mode malas lagi ni

Ni percutian keluarga wooo. Hanimun yang ke 37 nanti-nanti la. Haha.

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