Friday, August 21, 2009

Panasnye Hari Ini

Topik tadek kaitan.

Few things so buat topic highlighted sket okeh supaya tak termangu-mangu tengok tadek continuation.


Esok Puasa! Does this mean berat aku akan berturun? I hope so. MC di rumah selama 2 minggu, kerja duduk makan je. Nanti kebaya dah tak muat. I didn't make any baju raya this raya, because I thought my berat akan naik because I was pregnant so its too late to make any now. But I did manage to tempah a new kebaya before getting pregnant and I havent wear it yet.

Oh before I forgot. Selamat berpuasa untuk semua. Rajin-rajin la sahur. Mintak maaf any salah silap as I can be a bitch and really irritating at times and I will try to be a little less grudging and bitchy and annoying, k.

Argh. Tahun ni aku macam kena bangun sahur sebab sudah berlaki. Gah! I don't usually sahur. I just drink some plain water and gone back to bed.

Nerdishly Bookish

My husband bought me some books. He dragged me to Popular at Ampang Point because he was searching for some nonsensical non-books thing to buy. Wrong move on him. Because never ever brought me to a bookshop without expecting me getting out without a book in hand. Skali kali ni 3 books in hand. 1 book I bayar, 2 books die bayar. Hehehe. (Duit dalam dompet tak cukup la) Takpe. I janji I beli the next Fables ok. (He is now super hooked on Fables. Told ya it was good)

I told my husband I would be loitering around the book section and walked into the children/classic area and immediately drawn to this and was really excited. I was looking high and low for Tales of the Arabian Nights with illustration and found one, though the illustrations are black and white. Though it would not compete with a book I had seen in my childhood where the Tales of The Arabian Night books is a big glossy hard cover book with beautifully vibrant colorful illustrations depicting the stories. Tunggu la nantiiii kaloo aku jumpaaa aku beli jugaaak. This book is RM13.90. (Hehe... yang ini aku bayar).

Then I my eyes was hooked to this book.

I was attracted at the synopsis at the back. Something like

"A beautiful Lady refused to marry a Lord. So her father, angry, locked her in the Tower with her handmaid."

Basically it will the story from the handmaid POV. Seems interesting and can't seem to put it down, so I took it. I did have some doubt when I saw the top quote from Stephanie Meyer as her favorite recent read. Stephanie Meyer. Bah! Tapi maybe it will be very very good. And the author seems to have won herself a Newberry nominations (Quite distinguished Children's Books award.) tho not for this book. Can't remember the price. Dah tanggal pon price die.

And another book that I am SUPER excited about.

The Grimm's Fairy Tale! I think it is almost the complete tales with illustrations! (Black and white, but still), and I am sure there is no such thing as unabridged version of the Grimm's fairy tale. But the language ain't for kids either.

" Why weepest thou, O King's daughter? thy tears would melt even a stone to pity."

Nope. Not a book for 8 year olds. I had already 2 books in hand when I spot this, and was really hard for me to walk out of the stores without it in hands. I remembered I loved reading the Grimm's Fairy Tales book when I was small. It was torn asunder dah kut sekarang.

And its price is CHEAP. RM29.90. For hard cover. With dust jacket. Amounting of 852 pages of tebalness. CHEAP! I tell you.

The store at the time also have
- The Complete Illustrated Works of Hans Christian Andersen (which I am going to buy next)
- The Complete Illustrated Works of Lewis Carroll (ooohh.. also want after the above)
- The Complete Illustrated Short Stories of Sherlock Holmes (Bah. I never could like Sherlock Holmes)

Those who are mad about children's books, would find this a steal. I am telling you, I can never get so excited in buying clothes as I am buying books. Unless the clothes is really good like LEATHER JACKETS. Or even better A TRENCH LEATHER JACKET COAT. Dan di manakah aku nak pakai trench leather jacket panas lut lut di Malaysia ni kannn? Nak beliii tu kena sensible skettt. Tho I did have a weak moment when I bought a trench cardigan from Esprit yang mahalnye aku cuba sembunyikan dari mak aku okeh. Dah kahwin pun kena sembunyi beli barang dari mak. Cam mana tu...

"Hoi! Bulan puasa malam ni dah start. Try kawal sket nafsu shopping tu..."

Tetiba suara common sense turun bagaikan halilintar.

Gah! Ade 1 topic lagi tinggal. Panjang gile post ni. Takpe. Point form in short sentences.


See it.

The short story at the start is I LIKE VERY MUCH. I always like the image of storks carrying babies to the home. And this is soo cutee.

Incredible first 20 minutes of the movie. Everyone remarked on how sad it is. What I thought? If my life is mostly like that, I would be contented in life.

Everything in the movie from the animals to kids to elderly is SUPERBLY CUTE. And wonderfully human!

The whole movie feels bittersweet. I would say this is one of my favorite PIXAR movies, surpassing Monster Inc. Just below The Incredibles.

So. Must Watch!


chics said...

Selamat berpuasa Dils!

Dils said...

Selamat berpuasa jua Chics!

Obefiend said...

why oh why UP bulan puasa?

macam mendak gila nak tngh wayang.that and the shadow of H1N1 lurking in every public places! sounds like i have to wait for AXXO dvd rip in a few months time!

Dils said...

Heh, well, maybe it is more satisfying to see it on DVD-ish media :P as the color would really pop then.

FrH said...

happy fasting babe!

lepas baca entry kau ni aku pn rasa teringin nak baca those children's books tu.

Dils said...

Selamat berpuasa Farah.

Hehe. Best baca buku childrens ni. Evergreen.

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