Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Kitty In Need

of a good home.

This stray little kitten had suddenly come into our home looking so forlorn and pitiful that my sister fed her some bread. So she stay for the past week and had been eating Fasha leftover foods (certain brands of cat foods that Fasha doesnt like and refused to eat. Dasar kucing memilih gitu).

Awal-awal datang mengemis makanan

Dimandikan oleh husband untuk kasik rupa respectable sket

Because I am living at a crowded home , I do not think so we can keep her, tho I do like to.
Fasha had been chasing the little kitten around, (we had now separated the kitten to only live at the front porch). Tho the kitty had also been chasing Fasha around. Macam frenemies gitu main Tag.

She is a lovable little kitten but looking a little worse to wear tho really quite cute. Basically there's a sorta eczema ( kurap) on both her ears and head. We had been feeding her some milk (for added nutrients) and applied ointments on her skin. Seems to be getting better from the first time we ever saw her.

F.rom a sad, listless little kitten sekarang ni very active one and kept on running here and there playing with everything. I do believe with proper care (vet, ointments, some medicines) she would be a very handsome cat indeed as her fur is really quite pretty.

What she looked a week later after some kurap cream and a good feed. With Fasha the frenemy at the background.

Fasha memberi laser eyes to the new kitty. (Gamba hiasan)

So this post intention is really in asking any of you readers out there who would like to take extra care of a kitten? It is tedious, I know and she does not look 'kawaii' compare to the other lovable kittens you might normally see in the pet shops. But I do believe she needs a loving home and I couldn't bring myself to 'buang' her anywhere.

One of my options is SPCA. But before going to SPCA, and as some of you might know, it is also better to ask if any of you people who would like or know anyone that want to adopt a kitten and if they do would you want her? And the kitty is a she if you are wondering.

And please if you do, provide a good home and neuter your pets if you do not wish your pet untuk beranak pinak.


Anasfadilah said...

eh hensem kitten u have mom selalu kalau kucing luka ,dia buh minyak gamat :D

bulu dia panjang comot! nama kucing itu..hehehe

Dils said...

Buh minyak gamat ek? hehe. bole jugak kut. nanti try.

Oh. Kite org panggil die KURAP!. Huhu. Kesian tul

Obefiend said...


strays.. kesian mmg kesian but nanti end up with a house filled with strays.. huhuh

kalau bagi spca takut dia euthanised the cat plak

serba salah

Dils said...

yeah. We had ruled out SPCA for a while. Cleaning her up a bit, prolly uploaded at

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