Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A new place, new place to be lost in


My office had just moved to the Gardens. Terasa grand and lavish y'all. And at long last, after berkerja selama beberapa tahun. (I don't count the years, tis too depressing) finally got meself a cubicle.

Ape? NO BIGGIES? Hoh. My first job, I have to share the desk with some older colleagues. Then I worked on shifts for 2 jobs which meant that we never got a desk that we can called our own because we are sharing with others and can change at will whichever desk we will be sitting on. Then for my current job, due to some office space problem we had to seat at a training table. Which is basically is just a piece of wood on all 4, masquerading as table.

Now... I finally got a cubicle of my own, (until some higher power said it is not to be) with DRAWERS AND KEY! GASP!

Well... now that excitement is over. The office is new. Still smelling of paint. Everything feels new. Even the road route.

Those who knew me, knows that I don't drive much. I hate driving. But I did it out of necessities Go to work. Buy stuffs. Anger some stuck up person driving a sedan. The usual. So my driving route skills is not much. Nor varies. I know how to go to Jalan TAR and back, only via one route. Know how to get to KLCC multiple routes. Know how to get to IKEA and back via one route. MidValley? Not so much.

So learning a new route to get to my new office is not easy for me oi! I can drive to Midvalley now quite comfortably. But getting back to Ulu Kelang? Well, yesterday I got lost in KL. Took the wrong turn and found myself in some roads I don't recognize. Wait! I do recognize it! After a few calls to husband and some few wrong turnings, manage to maneuver back to Ulu Kelang without panic attack.

Then today parking inside Gardens, I had stupidly driven past the designated parkings for the parking biasa and straight to season parking punyer basement. And the stupid thing is, once you gotten there, there's no other exit other than the way you came in. Urgh!

Well then. Lesson learned there. Lets hope, getting back home again today, I won't find myself on the way to Seremban pulak.


Anasfadilah said...

alang-alang sesat sampai seremban..baik kejohor terus

boleh makan pisang cicah cili kicap..heheh

p/s::use la comuter..easier apa..terus sampai MV..tapi have to bear all the bau-bauan masa time balik la...hahha

Dils said...

Heh. Cicah cili kicap. Best tu. Lama dah tak buat. ehehe.

Komuter itu, I wish I could (tho my preference is naik bas . Heh) tapi I can't walk so much nowadays, so have to drive lor. The expenses of driving and parking here and naik public transportation pon beza around RM 1. Gile tak menarik kan options.

iceroll said...

Hmm kalo dr midvalley sesat ke seremban, not impossible though pasal tak jauh sgt dah jalan nak masuk ke highway tuh. hahaha. so be careful next time will ya.

mommy nazeef said...

wey...da gardens tuh...ari2 la ko shopping kat MV tu yek.aah la dils...better naik komuter la...rileks...ley tdo.tapi berimpit la klu balik time office hour ;P

shu said...

hee.. own cubicle, nice!

i got my own seat,not to say a cubicle as we've moved to new office, the cubicle design has been changed. yet, its my own place, a 'corner lot' we call it as the corner lots are bigger, mcm rumah teres la. with drawer n key jgk!

but lately, if i work on evening shift, my place sure has been hijack by some buggers who seem like didn't know that the space actually belong a to very lovely girl. hangin akuh.

so happened today (baru smp office lah ni), i sit at a place right opposite my place which he's hijacking. merenung muka dia dgn hati yg sebal. semalam dah hint that its my plc, hari ni still kena hijack. ngong.

sorry melepas geram kat sini plk.

hope u can find your way home today. if sesat smp bukit jalil, singgah umah aku je lah.. makan dulu.

Dils said...

Haha. Aku taw memang dekat sangat la laluan nak ke Seremban tu yang aku cuak tu. Hahaha.

Mumi Nazeef:
Hehe. Norish sayang oi. Biler last time ko naik komuter bole tido ni. Hehehe..

Last-last cost die sama woo public transport and driving and parking here. RM 1 je beza. Mungkin minyak tambah sket. Hehehe.


Hehe. Sound je sikit2. Mesti die org akan aim 'hormon' kalo sound. Hehe.

Ai. Lama plak tak berjumpa kan. kalo tersesat di bukit jalil pon, mesti I'll go like. "Dimanakah akuuu..."

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