Friday, August 07, 2009

It was and was not to be

So to some of you who might have known or suspected.

Yes, I was about 2 months pregnant.

And for the observant of the grammar. The word is was.

And to many of you who didn't know. I had a miscarriage around 2 days ago and lost the baby or pregnancy. Not really sure on the correct term for that.

As many says, God knows best. And I am sure He does.

There's not much to say and I am not incline to say much here too on the matter. I am still at the hospital now(thanks to Maxis broadband where I am typing this from my husband laptop), but will be discharged soon. Thanks Sheema for visiting. Will be on 2 weeks of medical leave, I think. That's what the doctor said.

My mom will also datang to KL after the weekend.

Well. That's that.


azieaz said...

ala dila....xpe..insyaALLAH ade rezki lain tu..slalu nye akan ade gantinye soon..byk2 saba ek..byk2 rest...insyaALLAH sumenye ok dila..=)

dz said...

sabaar la ye...semoga cepat sembuh!!!!

SheeMa said...

np girlfren :) just take care of youself.

Anasfadilah said...

take care dils

makan gamat healing untuk luka2 dalaman :)

ive been there too

no worries,InsyaAllah ada rezeki lain :D

alexa said...

sorry to hear that... take care

shu said...

:( sorry to hear that.

hope u'll be ok.

He knows best.. yeah.

take good care of yrself.

Dils said...

Thanks all.

iceroll said...

Hey.. Sorry to hear that..

Obefiend said...

sorry to hear that dils.. get well soon is all i can say

Soraya Zainal said...

take care of urself dils :)

rest cukup2..

Dils said...

Thanks effi, asrol and sue :)

Miss BumbleBee said...

just take xtra good care of urself yer.

the silent reader

lini said...

hai dila..

take care..


Dils said...

thanks :)

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