Tuesday, January 16, 2007

OMG. My Blog Had Been Hijacked!

That's what I thought at first when I opened up my blog this morning, and notice instead of my old post. There is this post about margin thingies coming right at the top. Something like you see on your spam inbox regarding stocks thingies that you have no idea what they are saying.

Since I had just woken up, I was only slightly miffed.. (my sleep haziness is still very thick) and considered to complain to blogger. All I just did just login to blogger and deleted that post. I think that probably some spammers had randomly found out the address I used to publish blogger post via email. Very irritating la gini. But then my last attempt in using the address to publish resulted in verryyy late publishing, I don't feel any regret in deleting that options.

We will see how it goes. If it happens again, definitely need to complain.

Tomorrow night shift again. Le sigh. Its been ok. I was only at first kinda blurry on when does yesterday, today and tomorrow happened.

I should had gone to the bank to pick up my replacement Mastercard to ganti for the card I cancelled in regards to some company spouting my credit card number like they are in close relationship with me. The story is a bit long, probably another time. Summary goes, in fear of fraud since the company know my complete number and the verification number, I cancelled it altogether before I will get max up on the bill.

My long weekend was not spend on doing anything except a bit of spring cleaning. Only a lil. Since I will go all out on next week. Try not to go out to the city as am refraining self from spending money since I had completely blown my budget (kekonon budget laa) with my shopping spree last week.

But I need to go shopping lor since my shoes look like someone that have polio wears them. Marah taw. I bought these 2 crocodile shoes since they are sooo comfyyy. But they are so flaky. Pakai several months later, strap falling off, heels coming out, the shoes are horrendously distorted. So word of advise. No matter how tempting and comfy Crocodile shoes are, just forget it and head for another shoes store. Soo I need to buy one new comfortable walking a long distance without killing my feet shoe to replace the one that yang cacat itu. Will probably look at Hush Puppies or Clarks later on. Nxt month, next pay. And I want to cut my hair and redyed it again. Whee~~ Nice taw. Tu pon next month ok.

Well.. off to Giants to buy some eating supplies which I can easily cook whenever no one at home.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

I think the author have gained a much more positive outlook on life. This new development, I assumed, can be attributed from the author's new workplace and job role. Job satisfaction goes a long way in making someone more optimistic. Maybe the fact that the author no longer have to listen to whines from angry customer helps too.

Goodbye black dahlia, i will sorely miss you.

Hello daffodils, the future awaits!

obefiend said...


wah.polio wrecked dils. that would be something. hehe. flaky shoes are better than shoes that can eat things. by that i mean kasut with a gaping mow at the front.!! HAHA

Dila said...


Praps the author might felt that writing bleak stuffs are too depressing.. or too painful to be written in words. Ah.. no worries.. the bleak, cloudy, black dahlia-like will surely come again.

But yes, the job is better. (More, more tiring tho)


haha.. ah well.. most of my shoes are 'gaping' at the front. So not really a prob there.

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