Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Year lagikah?

It's been a bit of a time since I blogged. Heh. No excuse. Just lazy meh. Well.. and a bit busy.
Its 2007. And its now the 3rd of January. Time flies.. and right now it is grudgingly trudging on slowly.. Anyway, before it gets too old. Happy New Year. Hope you all got a nice new year day/night to start off 2007. Mine was... blah.
Everyone since to be hell bent on making resolution left and right. Me... I had made one.. about 2 years ago.. and I think, I had fulfilled almost all of them. So I am going to take a rest from this resolution business for this year and do as what I like.
Well except the kickboxing class. I will now buried that azam. RIP. I don't think so I have the time nor the energy to go to the class. Maybe I will reconsider or change to another resolution/class later on. Heck, maybe I will take that pole dancing class as an alternative.
But as for the other resolutions, I do need to lose a few kgs again. Gahh. Women and their neverending quest to look skinny/slim.
If there is truly a genie in a bottle that grant people wish, I would wish for either 2 things. To have high metabolism (but still great B.O) so I can eat anything without worrying the added 'benefits' OR when I travel by plane, do not throw up.
Yes... if the genie is kind enough to lend me another wish.. maybe a bit more money. At least enough for me to pay off my loans?


Ei... gatal tak. Dah post entry yg mengatakan.. post tak sampai.. pastu sampai plak. 3 hari plak tu.. br nk sampai. Eiii.. Gatal.. gatal blogger ni.


obefiend said...


hepi new year......i guess the net still pacing like a sloth. thats how it is in my place

thus no blogs from me! hapi new year!

Dila said...

haha.. sure updating the blog thingies thats not just an alasan?

But the net is still slow..

Happy New Year too..

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