Thursday, January 11, 2007



I have the mood to blog. But nothing to say. Actually.. I have a lot of things to say... but.. well.. uh...... perhaps its not the time.

Its the first time I am on night shift today. Kinda curious to see on how I would hold on to dear life adapt on working night shift. Also a bit worried on my car being parked all nighter in front of those shops.

Got plan to go to uptown for midnight feast.. whee~~~ so excited. Gah.. ckp uptown je.. perut dah lapar. (Lament: Macam maneeee nak kurusss ni kalo asyik laparrrr aje)

Anywayy.. I gotten bored waiting for all these lovely series to start again and had started to watch DVDs. But am keep replaying scenes from Ugly Betty which have Amanda in it in moments of boredom. The look of sadness when she heard Daniel saying I love you to another... *sigh* You know the scene where he says she (Sofia/Salma) takes his breath away , heart beat faster, sweaty palms.. Haih.. I knew it too well... and kinda miss it and its kinda painful when thinking about it, but I still miss it. But.. I digress.

Anyway.. I am soooo in love with the Amanda character in Ugly Betty played by Beckie Newton. She's so sassy and cute and annoying. Love it whenever she coos and purrs and moans. Hahaha.. am so turn on :p And as also convincing myself that I am not a lesbian, let me just say how HAWT Christopher Gorham is. He is Henri, Betty new love interest. Come on.. if in real life, even though if he is such a major nerd and wear grandpa glasses, gals in the office would be swooning whenever he came to any floor. He is kinda like Clark Kent. But cuter!!!

Ok. Girl fan mode off now. Wait.. not yet. Also need to say.. on how utterly mad I am on the spoiler of Gilmore girls episode.. Not that I have anything against spoiler.. more like the writers on Gilmore girls and all fans of Lorelai/Luke in general. I don't like them (Lorelai-Luke) together! And I currently feeling all fluffy and nice and warm just seeing Lorelai and Christopher together, that I kinda hate watching the upcoming episodes knowing what in store for them. Gahhh.

Girl Fan crazy mode are totally off now and I am left with nothing to say. There is always tomorrow.

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