Monday, July 18, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I bought the book. I read it. Must had set a record for speed reading. And I had finish reading it. Therefore those who do not like spoilers, and wants to read the book. STOP READING MY BLOG RIGHT NOW!!!! Go and do something useful like brush your cat teeth or something.

You had been warned. SPOILERS AHEAD.

I wont do a summary of the book or gave any introduction. Most of you know or have an inkling on why does peoples suddenly become a nerd and read on some wizard kid name Harry Potter. And with the movies being made, I will just save myself from a whole lot of typing. Those who doesnt know Harry Potter... well why are you reading my blog anyway?

****** What do I think of the book?********
I am dying for the next book!!! I am at unrest. Never had I been so hot and bothered about a book. Arr.. I meant bothered.

****** my other opinions that does not matter ******

Compare to the other Harry Potter series, these book is dark and not so funny. Before this with the other books, we always had a funny moment like Ron or Neville or whomever doing something stupid. With these books, they are some funny moments... but not so memorable as the others books. I only laughed out loud once. Something must be lacking. I guess I just miss Fred and George. They are my favorite characters... they lent such colors to life.

There is also too much lovemaking here (No.. the characters havent start having sex with each other). Only that suddenly there is a lot of love affairs going around that it is kinda bewildering to keep up with all of them.

And I missed the classroom scenes. Not that there arent any. Only that not so much. We only see the class in action for Potions with Professor Slughorn... I want to know what they are doing at the other classes too!!

But.. lo behold!

***** REAL SPOILERS AHEAD.. Close the page while you still have the chance ******


I feel so frustrated Dumbledore died!!! Yes he died.. I was expecting that. But I expected that for the last book. Not for the 2nd last book. It is just too cruel. I almost cry. Shame on me. Dumbledore is just a spledid character. Exactly like whut a grandpapa should be. Genial, wise, understanding, and a bit wacko. I will certainette miss him.

And it is a shock to know that the perpetrator is Snape. Oh yes. I meant, I was ready to believe Dumbledore too. That Snape must be a lil good too. But as in the end, Harry had thought that in his way, Snape is as evil as Voldermort. As for Malfoy, I liked it that JK Rowling had made the way Harry see Malfoy. I was half hoping that Malfoy might be the one that had been slain in this book. (Since it Rowling kept on telling someONE will died on this book). But I am glad in the end she kept Malfoy alive. There is much to expand on his character.

I was a bit dissapointed to know about the identity of the Half Blood Prince. I guessed most of us are expecting grandeur or somekind. While I was reading the book, I kept on pondering on why does it being titled so. Only truly at the end we kinda see on what the title of the book is trying to convey.

As for the love affairs... well.. I think in the end I am a bit confused on whether Ron and Hermione is dating. Yes we will see a lot adolescent puppy love in this book. We will see that Harry is much wiser now in term of girls. And I am right on. I know it that Harry will be with Ginny. Seeing her character changes at the last book, I know that the author had her heroine made now.

**** Expectation of the next last book ********

Expect it will be really really dark, dangerous, not much funny scenes and less time for sleeping (thats for me lor).

At the end, Harry said he's not going back to Hogwarts. Ron and Hermione are going to follow him to kill Voldemort souls. But... to not have Hogwarts at the book. I am not sure on how to take it!! Whenever I read Harry Potter, whataver his adventure is.. only when he had started on his term on Hogwarts then I believed the book really take off or start.

But it will be interesting to see on how the stories will be created without any Hogwarts...

Also am going to expect Neville will be with Luna.. added another love affair.

Going to expect some character being killed... of course Voldemort. Not too sure about Snape.

Not sure on Ron or Hermione getting killed.. peoples will howl if they died!! Maybe Harry will died. Hermmm.... you never know with authors aight..

More twist and turn for the characters!

**** Overall *****

If I am not in love with the Harry Potters books.. I would say it is an OK book. But since I am.. shucks.. I love it. I dont have much sleeping time because of it. And will read it again to get all the savoury feeling. I had left out the savoury feeling before because I was hungry for that book.
I do hope JK Rowling would write faster. Wait for 2 years? Torture

A bit depressed. Favorite book character being killed can do that to you. Need to search through my hard drive for beloved laugh inducing Friends series for antidote. Cheerios.


iceroll said... spoilers brat!

Dila said...

dont say i didnt warned ya

penyambut eskalator said...

Good thing I noticed the 'spoiler ahead' heading. But i caught a glimpse of something about Dumbledore dead? zzz...

iceroll said...

u've warned, but its tempting. hehe

taqiyuddin bakir said...

yeay~! finally done reading that book.

i am surprised that dumbledore died. in fact, i can't believe that he died, until after everybody gathers at madame pomfrey's. I was expecting dumbledore to wake from death and says 'hey, nice performance everybody~ now snape can really be inside voldermort's circle of trust'.

but then, after a while, i realized that the author focuses more on dumbledore and harry's relationship. unlike her previous books. so that confirms it. she needs to build up dumbledore for his death to be a real loss.

somehow, i stil believe that snape's got some good in him. you know? kinda like Darth Vader's final repentance.

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