Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Added some links

I had discovered TV Smith (mcm some extinct creature laks), while I was bored and much too lazy ass to do my Final Year projects back in carefree-toomuchtime-on-hands-eat-watchmuvi-alldatime days. Those days are passed now with much hair-pulling-out-feels-like-choking-customer-with-phone-if-can. But my blog reading day is not in the least danger of being extinct. And by just signing in as Petaling St bloggers newbies.. life had become more interesting. I can LOL in offices (while ignoring peoples puzzled looks) and my stress level dropped. By further discovering Dr Liew, life is much much better also.

Enjoyable reads.... so I added those links here at my site, to let you guys discovered them too and also....so malas already to go to other websites and click on their link from there. Soooooo... there they are.

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iceroll said...

link sendri pun tak terbaca ;p

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