Friday, May 20, 2005

In Search of Jobs

I am not jobless as many of you known by now. But yesterday us girls got together and laughed about how the job which we are now which then we disdained..but now we have to be. Its not much of a choice for us that don't exactly have the appetitte or brains to do programming. The most apparent choice now for jobless grads are:
1. Call Centre
2. Teachers
3. Customer Service
4. Job that are piled with lotsa of documents involved ( even that is not many)

But hey.. as I said before. Beggars can't be choosers. Especially us poor ones..

But I got a job. Not a dream job. But its good enough for a start. More than good I suppose. So I will be accompanying my friends to search for their dream jobs at a career fair. But for me who had attended this before. Well... I guess you really need to choose. And competition is tough. But of course us UTPians are made of stronger stuff.. We after all had healthy doses of roti canai and teh tarik at mamak Tronoh during our study.

UTPians are having their exams now right even as I typed. Herm.. I missed exam times. When there is no classes. All you had to do is study between watching the latest downloaded shows of CSI and O.C. Especially puasa during exam. Usually those are the best memories. Study from midnight till 4. Then go to sahur. Laugh around a lot with friends until we can hardly remembered what we had studies the night before. And solat. And can go sleep terus. ::sigh:: Those are the days. ::sigh again::



mangifera said...

life as fresh grad is sucks (especially when you're jobless). even i not get through it yet but still, in searching of the internship placement is always make me tension. i dunno how the pressure to find the job after i'm grad *sigh*

btw, i still UTP student so hurray for me. hehehe. don't get mad, dils. dils, what do you mean by UTPians are moade of stronger stuff? i not really get it here. if you won't mind, would you pls explain it to me.

Dila said...

oh.. when you searching for internship it is much worse.. since basically you are a burden to the company and many company treat you like an insignificant
insect (aku skadar serangga)=p

well.. susah lor nk ckp.. hehe.. probably saje2 je kut puji UTPians. (sape laie nk puji kite2 aight).. but we are strong, nice, lovely, bla bla bla.. all the good points us la.. hahaha..

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