Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A girl in hiding in training

In training right now. Will be brief. Am not suppose to open Internet other than work relate stuffs. Can chat though.. but only for technical support. Jeez. Well. It is better than BCF aight. Am the only Malay girl here. Its fun however. Feel unique whut. Right? No lah. I don't know..
But who knows.. am learning loads however. So its really good stuff not to mention good pay.
15 mins break over. Learn on spam now. Ciao~


mangifera said...

at last you're going to work. look liek you're fine there. and i'm sure that u're unique enough. hehehe. the only malay gurl. must be a hot stuff there. ops..just joking.

so, the pay are better than before ya? good for you. hehehe. tired in finishing all the internship thing. reports sucks, presentation is chasing after my ass. *sigh* ok...gtg, need to rearrange all the thing that really in deep mess in my head.bye...

Dila said...

yeah.. the pay is like 90% increase lor..
ah,, weekly reports? Those are the days... lalalala

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