Saturday, February 26, 2005

Peanut Butter Sandwich

Such a bland tasty topic.. Why why dila? I just feels like it. It is sometimes said, that you are turning crazier if you refer yourself as a 2nd person. You completely lost it if u refer urself as a third person. How you do it? I have no idea.

I just have my late night snack of peanut butter sandwich. Damn, just typing the words gives me the urge to lather it again on the bread. Yum yum.. I liked peanut butter sandwich. Ever since I was little girl wearing shorts and skirts.
I remembered when I was at school at Australia. I was in standard 2 at the time. Most of the little girls and boys there brought our own packed lunch in a paper bag. Only a few of them buy it from the cafeteria. But then, there is not much a cafeteria since all of the students eat our lunch outside under the trees or on a bench swinging our little legs happily or if it is too cold (winter) we ate in class. At brunch break, at about 10 a.m every morning, any students who is not happy on what their moms packed for them can come in front of the class asking to exhange, "Would anybody exhange my apples for their lunch?" That is pretty much the dialogue. I used to do it once, out of curiosity. To see how does it feels. I am very much an experimenter then =p~
The lunch my friends then liked to exhange is peanut butter sandwich. Everytime anyone ask to exhange their peanut butter sandwich, I remembered secretly wishing I can have their lunch. But I never did offered since I have this weird thoughts or concepts that anyone eating peanut butter sandwich is totally uncool. No cool kids ever wants it. I still remember their face twisted with agony with the thoughts that their moms had packed these dratted lunch again which they hate and wish to dispose of. I think most of them had been drilled on finishing their lunch or get punished or something. Because NOBODY at that time would want peanut butter sandwich. It is not cool to eat it. Nor if someone willing to exhange it. If nobody willing to help them out of this helpless predicament, then they would have to finish it themselves but with a sullen look.

It is laughable when I thought about it now. I think most of them would remember those days with a smile too. Where the worst thing can happen to your day is when your mom packed you a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. I still havent figured out why most of the kids on my class at that time hate that dratted lunch. Perhaps peer pressure drove us to it, to hate that particular lunch meal since it signifies uncoolness =p~ Why is it uncool? I still have no idea. It will remains my great mystery of life


taqiyuddin bakir said...

ahhh.. peanut butter sandwich.. never liked them that much.. i must've belong to the cool kids back when i was standard 2... no.. maybe i was the bully..

iceroll said...

eiii exchange lunch..halal ke?? yeck!! :P

CremeBrulee said...

I like peanut butter sandwiches. I like my peanut butter sandwiches with tuna and jam. And cheese. Mmmmm.

mangifera said...

cool or uncool is decided by your peer, community...well, hell i care about them. nothing to do with cool if at last you will never ever win in this life. stop following others just because its cool. nothing cool more than have your own thought and believe your guts to do it (of course must be a good thing).
peanut butter it. creamy, a little bit salty, a little bit sweet, blend with dry, soft bread...what a taste. all blend in one sensation of peanut butter sandwich. better have it with chocolate strips. rich, so sweet. best peanut butter i ever met is lady's choice peanut butter with chocolate strips.

oh...GOD bless the food.

Dila said...

Well.. most foods according to various emails read is not halal anyway.. why not live dangerously =p~

Plain peanut butter always.. for me

iceroll said...

I think u can imagine how bored i am rite now :D

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