Friday, February 04, 2005

I Am..A Deity to My House

The title along suggests I am a social outcast.. or pariah? Whut thats social pariah meant btw? Pray.. anyone tell.. Cast that aside..

Another week of The Bachelor - Jesse. Drama. Love. Tears. Guns. Thats what had been happening. Guns you see? Pretty unusual. Noo... none of the ladies had started shooting the Bachelor yet in frustration/revenge/fit of passion. It is just this week.. He is meeting with 4 of the girl's family. All of them are pretty nice. One of the family are kinda.. well.. obsessed. Mandy J (one of the eclipsed contestant) was Miss Teen USA Texas. And that is what they kept on talking about .. as if she doesnt have any other redeeming qualities. And to put pageant souvenirs and prizes and memorabilia at some sort of an altar.. is wrong. It just looks something to be worshipped at. And perhaps it is great and everything.. nonetheless.. she must find out what other quality she have other than winning a beauty pageant. And Tara's dad first impression is by holding a M-16. I have to say , he got style! And Tara is pretty good at shooting too. I am impressed. Chick with gun.. hmmm. But.. AT LAST, Jesse have ousted out Trish the Bitch. At first I thought she was going to accept it graciously. Just when a tinge of respect came sneaking into my head, she said "It is not over". She came for the man.. she gonna have it. Herm.. can't wait. Only the good girls left now. Maybe some other nails will be scratching some one elses.. Ahhh.. women!

Cast senseless reality show asides too. Now books! I have nothing else to do (read the topic). I am but chained to my house on my own willingness. When I went to my uncle's petrol stationg last Monday.. and felt the sun glaring through my skin, I thought.. "God, I hadnt felt that for a long time". It was hot, nonetheless it is a pleasant feeling. Perhaps that is what prisoners must felt.

Back to the topic of books. I had read many books. My head is whirling with all the characters name,experience, deceptions. But I won't bore you nor tire myself in typing all of them. Due to the advanced state of boredomness, I had pick out "A Portrait of A Lady" by Henry James. It is one of the classics. I had first read the book when I was 13. I can't get myself to finish it until now. I still stand as in my opinion when I was 13 that the book quite boring. Nonetheless, after reading about 150 pages (with great difficulty), the story speeded up and become hard to put down. And when it ended.. I was so mad I was about to throw the book right out of the window. Perhaps thats why it became one of the literary classics? Hermm. The main character Isabel, at first was so fine, beautiful, high spirit etc etc.. and at last became this bewildered thing ... with not enough courage to mettle it out. Isabel as a character maddened you, she did everything a heroine should not. And I was a bit satisfied that she married the wrong guy.. and all her assumptions, her thoughts are proven wrong. Someone who determined to face an obstacle alone, and finding out the decision, the reasons is all wrong afterward is quite pathetic and dissapointing all the person who loves her most. Ralph Touchett, Isabel cousins is a character I fell in love with. He is weak.. imperfect.. yet there is so much of a good person inside of him. All of the character are imperfect. No one is heroics. No one set things right. It is indeed a book I deem as one that portrays it characters beautifully. After getting past the first 150 pages.. (The author felt it must be necessary we should be full acquainted with all the characters traits before getting into the event of things)

My brother is now pacing the outside of the room restlessly. Therefore I must let go of the keybpard. Until then....


mangifera said... last Trish had been trash out. now, when the good girl is left, they also need to be evil since only one person win. it's a competition rite?
about the book, nice book because the book potrait our own life. nobody perfect, nobody can be too strong, too handsome and too good and have it all in one body. weakness is key to human to live. by having weakness, human do need each other. that's what i think the author wanna told the readers.

Anonymous said...

so u like a weak..imperfect man heh?


Dila said...

haha.. a perfect man.. (there's no such thing)..
therefore an imperfect man who knew his weaknesses ..
it is certainnette better than a vain cocky macho guy (bluek!)

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