Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wolly gone missing.. for a while

I wonder if each of the cat is gonna gone missing at one point. I had Bobby and Kurap missing once. 

Last weekend went back to JB to attend a wedding. It was nice, the whole family ( my adik beradik) were there which is kinda rare because not everyone lives nearby. 

Usually we send the cats to the usual pet store, but not too long ago we got a flyer advertising a home boarding for cats nearby our home. So we decided to test that out.  

Sent the cats on Friday and off we went off to JB. Saturday morning to, on our way to the hotel, we received a call from the pet sitter saying that Wolly had gone missing! She is very apologetic and sounds a bit afraid , which understandable. She explained that somehow Wolly manage to get out of the cage, by squeezing herself out from the door that is not shut tightly. 

Wolly and Bobby shared the same cage. Only Wolly got out. I think Bobby is like... dude.. your funeral. So she got out and the sitter tried to find her to no avail. 

I was calm, because while she should have checked that the cage is shut tightly, I kinda understand too. And I was convinced that we are gonna find Wolly again. 

On Sunday we went back to KL and petang tu amik the other 3 cats. So the sitter and I tried to search again around her area calling out Wolly name . No Wolly. I was hoping when I got home, I would find Wolly there. 

Only found my neighbor cats having fun with their kittens there it seems. 

So many kittens
So no Wolly and we went around the neighborhood calling Wolly's name and tadek. Susah hati ok. And as for the sitter, I can see that she had put up a lot of effort to search for Wolly judging from the neighbors around feedback saying that they still havent seen my cat and she was really torn up about it. Honestly, I can't be angry. Also my Wolly is being an asshole. 

However it was Sunday night and I don't know what else I can do to find Wolly. And since I usually have to go to work early and came back quite late, susah hati gak la kan how I am gonna find the time canvassing the neighbourhood. Bobby dulu jumpa time weekend, Kurap time maghrib on a weekday. 

. So I edit the Missing Cat poster, which previously I had done for Kurap, 

Missing Cat poster that I just put on my Google Drive. I forgot sometimes how pretty Kurap was. Miss her so much. 

Ni pon pretty gak. I was almost afraid someone gonna kept her to their home forever. 

Thank you for those who shared the night and thank God that I do not need to put up the posters around, maybe God makbulkan doa but Wolly herself late at night that same Sunday, gone back to the sitter house and start mewing like crazy. Probably hungry. The next morning too, my husband picked her up. 2 hari tak keluar rumah terus kucing bertuah tu. 

She was fine. Not hurt, no bruises or cuts or claws mark, and not dirty. I suspect she was holed up in someone home because she is pretty lovable. Mengade sangat. 

Let's hope I do not need to reuse the poster again, at least for a long time. 

As for the sitter home, serik ke nak hantar lagi? I don't know. I think I might give her another chance sebab she was pretty honest and really did not give up looking for my cat. She also refused payment, and I kinda feel bad for her actually. Maybe die sendiri troma and lepas tu taknak dah accept my cats for boarding dah. LOL. 

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