Monday, January 04, 2016

Kuantan Darul Bauksit


Sorry orang Kuantan but this is what people are talking about and I had just got back from a really nice 1 day trip. There were a lot of tanah merah everywhere though, though pantai beserah don't look red.

But getting ahead of myself.

Since our office is closed at 31st Dec, so we bertolak dalam kul 10 lebih. Brekfast or late brunch at KL . Beli bekal sikit and all sets!

We reached Kuantan around 2pm and ingatkan nak makan at Hoi Yin then I google and perasan Hoi Yin open only for breakfast and lunch. 2.30 pm dah tutup. So we went straight to the hotel je la as sume dah full makan bebukan at hotel. Checked in and baring kejab .

We stayed here

We stayed at Mandurah Hotel at Beserah. It is pretty ok. Clean, manned by mostly local employees and nice and modern. The beach is clean and the staffs are friendly and helpful. The only downside is that bilik air pintu tak boleh tutup. Bukan rosak, but macam pintu toilet gitu, no lock . And it don't close completely so you can see what people are doing. Haha. Saif berapa banyak kali mengendap. Only ok for couple I would think. Haha.

Because it is nearly 5pm and Saif dah start restless lapar, we decided to go to one of the roadside stalls that I noticed that sells mee calong.

Doesn't look much but very tasty. Saif likes it. 

Keropok lekor pon sedap.
Also bought akok die which is sedap gak.

Then petang tu hujan kejab but we still manage  to bring the kids to play on the beach, mostly main pasir je.

Aziz and his father 
We bring the kite because memula Aziz tak excited nak pegi beach. Die kate tanak pegi kat fish. So we warmed him up with kite flying . He loves kite flying. Dan bawak layang2 ni on that day, basically lepas je terus terbang si Doraemon layang2 tu.

The hotel have a new year celebration but we malas and prefers to eat outside. It was raining that night and memula we try to go to New Horizon, penuh, then we try to see Ana Ikan Bakar Petai, but ade la tempat duduk, tapi nampak ramai orang and macam sesak. Bawak Aziz and Saif ni kenkadang rase macam senang lagi tempat yang luas kan, so we opt for Super Top which from what I read is quite ok too. So we went there sebab tempat die nampak luas and selesa.

It was a good choice. After we order tak sampai 10 mins everything dah sampai.

Sotong goreng tepung yang sedap tapi sebab banyak sangat jadi muak. 

Yang lain2

We ordered sayur kailan ikan masin, sup campor, siakap 2 rasa, udang masak cili and husband favorite telor dadar. If we were to go again, I wouldn't mind reordering all of the above except for the sup campor. It was a bit masam to my taste.

Left the kedai full , full sangat sampai later that night Aziz puked all over the bathroom hotel. Naseb baik la dalam bilik air.

Melayan Aziz makan. 
Besok tu we had breakfast at the hotel. Possibly the worst breakfast hotel I ever had. Huhu. Everything is bad, so in the end, I just had bread.

Muka budak2 masam breakfast. Aziz is contented with only sausages and Saif is ok with fruits.

Pagi tu sambung balik main pasir . They had fun for about an hour and it started raining, so we went back to the room and packed.

Makan kejab at Hoi Yin becuse mee kari die nampak delish je. And it was pretty nice. Isi banyak dan sedap.

Afterwards pergi ke Berjaya Megamall and then to rumah Iz to see her kid and furbabies.

Singgah beli the famous mango cakes afterwards at Kula Cakes . So many people in beratur and yeps, deserving of the hype. Sedap sangat. So many taste in the cheesecake. Not just cheese. Rase nak beli satu kek terus lain kali. Do not have pics here though.

Then barulah balik KL after buruk lantak at Kuantan.

Hope that the bauxite issue will stop soon as it will be really bad if people stop going there because the people who are bauxite mining can't keep their shits together to not let it affect the environment. Seriously, how hard it is to keep it not leaking to sources of water and not let it spill all over the place. ??

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