Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Netflix and Chill

More like binge watching to the point of you feel like you have no identity of your own? 

Don't you ever feels like it? Say if I had binge watched Buffy for instance, I always feel like carving up a stake and go out to the night to patrol and make ready some sassy line for comebacks. 

So when Netflix came to Malaysia everyone is so excited. Well, everyone who loves TVs as much as I do. We subscribed and I kinda love it. 

I started with Master of None . It was ok. Funny. Not a really binge kind of series. More like, if you are feeling a little down then Master of None is a good pick me up without feeling like you had been dumbed down. Aziz Ansari brings a good point across into a package of watchable comedy. Not a bad hour spent. 

Then because I like Krysten Ritter and heard only good stuffs on Jessica Jones, so I started to watch Jessica Jones.

Again, so so good. The thing with Netflix shows are, they are good for binge watching. And Jessica Jones is so addictive. I like the angle of a dark twisty antihero superhero woman. Someone who is damaged and conflicted. I only ever seen Ritter in a comedy, so here where she balance drama, action and comedy ( Jessica Jones is sassy) she is wonderful. 

What is it about? Jessica Jones is a detective with superpowers trying to help a girl from the clutch of an evil man.  A man from Jessica past. That is the short version of the series lah. It does feel a bit graphic novel-ish, as the series is from a Marvel comic, but that is good. The world Jessica lives on is the same world that Iron Man, Captain America, Thor lives on. Post NY alien invasion attack . 

The high point of the series is the villain. Not gonna post the spoilers, but the way the mind games played out is spectacularly addictive to watch ( not as spectacular as Mr Robot, Mr Robot is a more like. WTF? spectacular). I actually went in to watch the series not knowing that Jessica Jones have superpowers. Only after it had been pointed it out then I am like.. oh ok, now I get it. Haha. 

But seriously Jessica Jones is a great show. The supporting players can be improved, but when it was just the Jessica and Kilgrave ( the main villain), it is when the show is at its height.

After finishing Jessica Jones, I am like.. eh what next. Orange is the New Black then! I was never interested to watch it, but Netflix keeps on trying to recommend it to me. So easy to click than to browse I say.

AND I AM HOOKED. So helplessly hooked. Not helping that there are 3 seasons of OITNB ( panjang sangat nak type). 

It is about Piper an upper class girl who got sent to prison because of her past crime, she helped her girlfriend (who is a drug smuggler) carry some drug money to another country. So basically the story deals with how she copes with prison life. 

And it is seriously good. And I love the diverse cast, where it is acknowledged that the people in the system flock together according to races and from there we see the life and past life of each inmate in the show. 

A show about prison can be campy or dark, but here injected with comedy, it straddled the line of drama and comedy perfectly. It feels believable and the emotions pouring out of each performance makes me feel for each and everyone of the inmate. Yes, even the one that deserved to be there. 

And this show is even more addictive than Jessica Jones. It is that good. I love how the main players are women in this show, how very little romance is in the plot. Yes, there is love ( and many are the lesbian love type). But it feels real. It feels more like a telling of relationships than romance. So I love that. And the biggest baddest flirt, is a woman. Like all the man in this show, can't hold a candle when Alex Vause smiles at you. 

I am hoping to finish this OITNB madness, and maybe take a step back from Netflix a bit so I can get back to my usual, average life and tv shows. 

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