Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A little update

Last night as I see Saif tottering here and there and suddenly feels like eh, I just  have to update about them, 

Aziz is now instead of playschool had started on preschool.
Still obsessed with Ultraman, a little bit less obsessed on Upin Ipin but this kinda things is seasonal. Tomorrow he may like Upin and Ipin again. 

Makan sikit je. Yesterday we bought pizza and it took him an hour to finish 1 slice. Really!

Likes to make up stories. If we asked him something, he will have some tall tales to tell us. 

Really like playing with ants. Rumah ni is pestered with ants sometimes, and if he found one, he will be like, "comel kan mummy" and put the ant on his finger and gazed at it. 

He is mostly toilet trained. Except for night. Bile tido masih lagi berpampers because when he sleeps especially for a nap mesti terbocor. But ok lah. Memula kan Aziz resist the idea of going diaperless, kenkadang nangis2 nak pakai diapers, so we introduced him to a thing called 'underwear'. Haha. His father bought him those superhero cartoons underwear so he is more excited to wear it. 

Really have to make an effort to teach him something. I macam reluctant to force ABCs and 123s to him. Tapi macam dah nak kena dah. Haha. 

Tottering here and there and everywhere. 

No longer is entranced by YouTube. Like to spend time wreaking havoc around the house, climbing the stairs, and playing with random things, especially pouring lotion and oil out of the bottle on the vanity table. 

We changed his nursery to the one nearer the house because my husband soon will be not available to pick them up and the last nursery have to pick up before 6pm which is hard. So the current nursery we have to pick up before 7pm so more doable. So Saif goes here all day and Aziz after his preschool will have a transit transport driving him to the same nursery. 

Saif is adjusting fine to the new nursery. Actually both Aziz and Saif seems to love it. 

The ummi at the nursery also said that both of them eats a lot there. Especially Saif. Saif constantly cries for food. LOL. 

Last 2 night I woke up at 4 am to find Saif playing at the vanity table trying to get his chubby little hands on to some stuffs. He is definitely more berani than his abang. Abang die kalau bangun tengah malam akan sekadar sidled up to me or bapak die. 

If he wants something he will throw a huge tantrum. Like we were in Midvalley last weekend, and were eating mee tarik. Malas nak beli extra so ingatkan nak suapkan the mee je to both kids. Aziz loves mee so no issue for him. Bile tiba Saif.. meraung2, sampai la bapaknye beli nasi ayam. Haha.

Close to his father and wants to cling to him and sometimes refused to be consoled by me. Huhu.

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