Monday, July 06, 2015

The rush before Raya

You can see it everywhere. 

Last weekend was occupied with finding a jubah for my MIL. Since she requested a certain color, so we went out looking for it.  We went there after buka puasa kat Thaba Village. Seronok je aku request owner Thaba Village to make Masala Tea and he prepared a jug for anyone who wants it, dan berchapatti dan nan dengan seronok. 

I always like Thaba Village food. It feels like homemade food. Kali ni mahal sikit.  Sekarang dah RM45. Tak stay lama pon sebab dah tua nak makan banyak2 pon tak lepas. Hahaha. Like I said, I got to taste the pulut and kari ayam ( sedap gilo) , nan, chapatti, mutton masala and chicken, vege dhal ( my all time favorite dish whenever I go there ), sayur bendi masak with kelapa kering, kari ikan. Ade sup ayam I didn't taste and kueh2 . Ok la spread die. Oh nasi mandy pon ade.

Tengok gamba ni rase nak pegi lagi. We don't go there very often but dalam setahun tu at least 2 kali kut. And setiap Ramadhan mesti pergi situ.

Anyway lepas buka puasa , we went into every available boutique at Wangsa Melawati and took a picture of jubah turquoise yang mungkin my MIL likes. Oh, I heard that the boutiques in Bangi memang penuh dengan wanita. Sebab I am not secekal wanita2 lain, we just looked area Wangsa Melawati tu je. Was looking for blouse tapi yang I berkenan kat Elle Zada takde my size. Last2 the blouse I beli kat AU2, Dah beli rase besarrr plak.. macam pregnant T_T . Bantai la. I already have the baju kurung for the turquoises theme this year. Tapi sebab it is a baju kurung moden so ketat sikit and susah sikit la nak menyusu.  

Nak beli satu lagi baju kurung macam malas, so ingatkan pakai blouse je. If not, I pakai blouse tu petang je. Sebab petang baru pergi beraya selalunye. 
After searching for the blouses tu, dah kehausan. I cakap nak Starbucks so my husband drove towards Gombak, boleh plak I cakap.. eh gi IKEA terus la. Time tu dah 9.30 . I google tengok IKEA tutup pukul 11 pm. So sempat la nak gi beli the stuffs that we want. Pukul 10.30 malam kat IKEA tu ramai gile orang! Dan boleh pulak Starbucks tepi IKEA tu dah tutup at 11pm. Ceh. I am kat KLCC and Great Eastern Mall sampai pukul 12 ke 2 ??? Tapi at the end husband singgah jugak at the drive through one. Ramai betul orang berdrive trough Starbucks at the time.

So besok to baru decide nak beli the jubah after my MIL. We singgah Zawara after shopping at AU2 for my blouse and budak2 ni punye seluar pelikat. If at that night I thought ramai at Zawara, yesterday lagi ramai. People are disappointed left and right because there are no sizes for their preferred jubah/baju. I pon boleh pulak berkenan pada jubah batik die. Pon tadek size. Last2 aku beli online. . Tengok la kalau sempat sampai.

Ugh. Pagi tadi bangun kul 5.56 am. Which means no sahur. So parched! Bertahanlah.


Citra said...

Gosh, I love chappati! How are you, Dils? Looks like you are having so much fun this Ramadhan :D

dils said...

Hi Citra! Well... it was a good but busy Ramadhan. Heh. And tiring.

Chapatti is such a good comfort food. Glad you are back from your brief hiatus :D

leilafadzleen said...

I went to Thaba for their Ramadhan buffet the food was awesome but I think the choices cam sikit je kan. Their ala carte menu is great though. My PIL loves going there and they go there like maybe once in 2-3 months

dils said...

Ha ah. Few years back ade banyak, but now memang sikit. But I don't mind because I think I got my RM45 worth of food since already know the usual price of their food kan.

I am amazed on how they survived for so long with only few customers every night, but they do have their regulars and they recognized us too.

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