Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Point form

- Masih tidak sempat amik gamba juadah berbuka pose, but hey, I reached home usually at 6.30 or 6.40 then solat, then terus masak. Takde nak pic bagai. 

- Semalam masak labu masak lemak and telo masak kicap je. Sahur tadi bangun lewat. Husband makan roti je. I memang roti je, sambil2 tu roti aku kena sambar dek Saif. Die macam Aziz gak masa kecik. He will wakes up if I wakes up. Huhu. Bawak la koala bear tu sekali sahur. 

- Had a major battle with Aziz today. He throws a huge fuss in waking up more than usual and refuse to wear his school uniform. Because I dah tak larat dah, I asked him what he wants to wear and he tunjuk t-shirt spiderman. So die pegi sekolah pakai lah baju spiderman and seluar sekolah. Jangan sekolah rendah buat perangai macam tu. Cikgu disiplin tak heran ok!  

- I am really hankering after sushi. More importantly sushi zanmai for no apparent reason. Maybe sushi king. Dulu ade kedai jepun bukak kat Ukay Boulevard but dah tutup tak sampai beberapa bulan bukak. I really feel bad for kedai2 there. The only thing that seems to thrive there is Pegaga. Kafe Skrin pon not bad gak. 

- Punye le malas goreng donut pon kat airfryer. I suke sebenarnye. This is actually the frozen donut and I like how it turned out, rase die padat. Not as fluffy as I like, but ini pon sodap. 

- Working here, company ade provided nursing room which is great. But bulan puasa ni I prefer to pam susu at surau because I can strecth out and rest my eyes. I am actually very careful in not letting myself fall asleep because that means a massive headache when I woke up from my nap. I don't like that. So I deal with the sleepiness with just relaxing and playing Candy Crush (Helloo!! Level 1000 now ok . ) . Sometimes if I had run out of lives, I will read books. I can't deal with being stuck at the desk all the time. Gile pening. Time like this I miss my old company and Midvalley. Haha. 

- Oohh.. and I didn't mentioned it here but my Medela ice pack got stoler from the nursing fridge freezer. I am so mad whenever I think about it. I don't label the icepack because well, normally I see people dont label it and if we put it there at a certain spot.. then it is ours la. Lebih kurang like that. Then bile petang tu nak amik , it is gone. I put up a note requesting it back,... but tadek okeh! Meaning that person memang steals the icepack. Gah! I like to think breastfeeding mothers as people who wished the best for their child, which also in turn should makes them pretty decent human being. What kinda makes me furious is the knowledge that a mother would do this, steal stuffs. Ugh. Pro tip: If you left your ice pack and needs em to bring your breast milk back home. Use ICE!. Or buy ice! You should realized you are missing an icepack early on the day sebab nak pergi pump or nak letak dalam freezer kan.. so you should have plenty of times to make ice. I had done this several time sebab I memang pelupa, but I basically have plastic bags or ziplocks in my drawers and I will put ice in them as a temporary ice pack for the milk. Simple je kann... tak payah resort to mencuri other people stuffs. *feeling all riled up*

- Hmmm... 


Soraya Zainal said...

Kedai jepun yg dekat ukay boulevard tu tak sedap and very expensive.. went there once and that's it. dahla order salmon sashimi sampai kesudah tak dapat2.. huhuhu

dils said...

haha.. silap la kalau bukak kedai jepon kat malaysia ni tadek salmon sashimi kan. Kesian pon ye gak... tapi takleh mahal sgt. Org Ampang ni suke affordable food je.

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