Wednesday, July 08, 2015

A turbulent time

I am updating blog like I used to do. Ramble and ramble. I think it is good. Well I did this because I have no work lor. Dulu ade juga keje. Tunggu kerja esok sampai! Kerja here ni bile time ade keje, busy tak menang tangan. Bile tadek, tadeekk langsung. 

Sekarang ni Malaysians people are so engrossed at their phone reading up on the WSJ allegations regarding our PM. From my understanding, what is highlighted by WSJ was actually in the earlier AG reports which the higher up deemed classified and should not be released to public. That just showed the level of corruption in our country. Because after WSJ make light of this, then it seems like all sorts of actions and questions are being undertaken.

There are many theories that can be thrown out, however bear in mind that the authorities had already warned we rakyat marhaen to not spread this. All I can say is that while all of us at the edge of our seat to see what unravels next, in my sinking heart, I feel like there can never be change. No one seems to be taking corruption seriously. It took newspaper abroad that the authorities seems to bristle up and take some sorta action. And in the case of MARA , almost no action at all. 

I don't talk politics in my blog because frankly, most of it is hard to keep up and you need to read a lot to give a sound opinion. This is not a sound opinion, but rather a simple opinion made by a simple person reading about serious mishandling of money being done by the top people who supposedly have our best interest at heart. 

No wonder people are leaving Malaysia left and right. Frankly I am disappointed. I also believed this is a turning point in Malaysia's politic. If no change are made now, if the people at the top still believe they are invisible , then we are doomed. If investigation are being done properly, information transparent, actual people in power being held accountable, then we can move forward. Our country can heal. If not, we will continue to bleed and then cripple. 

Wow. That is heavy. Now I don't feel like writing anything light. Tomorrow then. Today we wallow in the news ( that legal letter is hilarious and inept btw ) and we pray that our economy will bounce back and an effective and honest leader will lead the country, 

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