Friday, April 24, 2015

When life gives you lemons

Yesterday was my husband birthday.

And I baked him brownies since my husband is more into brownies than cakes! It was not a very successful brownies. I should just stick to the basic, but I got a tad bit ambitious and try to make frosting. I think it would had been successful if I didnt mistook the sugar. It should be very fine or caster sugar. Instead I used fine granulated sugar. So it felt like a  eating amouthful of sugar when i tried the brownies with frosting.

Yeah. That does not looks good. I actually also overbeat it which is why it looks kinda glazed. From all that sugar that refused to be beat by submission by moi. Haha. So I scraped it off and now the brownies looks depressing.

But actually it looks kinda nice and crunchy before I put the dratted frosting tak jadi tu. I still have like half a bowl of frosting and felt macam rugiiinyee all those sugar and cocoa and butter. Takkan nak buang. I memang jenis susah buang barang sikit.

So I turned it into soft cookies. Aku main agak2 je the amount, but I put in 1 egg, 1 tspn of vanilla and beat the frosting again, then fold in a cup of flour and 1 tablespoon of corn flour.

Walla! Dark choc soft cookies. It tasted a little cakey and sweet but other than that it is GREAT. I think I may prefer the cookies more than the brownies. So instead of making frosting, if life or you got yourself a dreadful frosting, you can turn it into cookies! 

Oh the brownies is kinda nice too cuma manis. I should have lessen the sugar lagi sebab mat salleh punye taste ni memang manis gilo. Got the recipe for brownies at Sally's Addiction. But I like texture and all, and it is a very simple recipe to follow, so I may try again later later on. May omit the frosting kut lepas ni sebab macam don't need to sweeten it lagi.

Malam tu pergi Sixty9 Islamic Steakhouse. I think before this it was Wadihana Islamic Steakhouse. Not sure if they changed name or change management.

It was an OK meal lah.

My grilled lamb in black pepper sauce. I like the sauce, Rase if more pekat sikit lagi I suke, but still sedap. 

Husband burger. He felt it is a meh, 

Kids meal which have the grilled boneless chicken and sausages and fries, Aziz suke je.
Since I have no income, so didn't manage to buy him expensive gifts. Beli kemeja je. Sebab I rase kemeja die sikit je. Haha. Susah la nak beli hadiah for guy. (Tapi tahun lepas pon beli kemeja gak hahah. tapi tahun lepas beli 2 kemeja, tahun ni satu je ). Ok lahh tuuu..

Ni tengah pikir ape la lagi nak masak ni. No wonder selalu je I tengok perempuan duk komplen ape nak masak sebab memang susahh pon nak pikir. Haha. Probably something seafood based.

Talking about kitchen

This is how I organized the things in freezer. Put it in individual plastic bags and sometimes I labeled what is what. Senang. Sebab ade certain part ayam sesuai masak certain style je, so buat la label kari ke roast ke, fried ke. Hehe. 

The environmentalist in me really hated that I used plastic but it is the easiest. Sometimes I tried to reuse the plastic, tapi tak selalu la. Sebab leceh. Maybe later on I can be more organized! 


Mari Femme said...

The effort that counts Dils. Tak kesah la janji boleh makan dr bazir. Hehe.

Aku pun rse bersalah gune plastic!!!! But takkanlah nk simpan 2ketul ikan in every tupperware kan? So pejam mataaa.

dils said...

hhaha. Betul. Tak space saving la guna tupperware

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