Tuesday, April 07, 2015


Thinking I should update. At the very least because of how cute Saif is here

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We got the swim package for Saif boy. Which include 5 swim sessions. He obviously loves it. Though he did get tired after 20 mins. Lepas tu die macam nak duduk and just stared at the rubber duckie.

Yang ni kite orang amik the package at Wangsa Walk Mall. I like the girls working there. Saif baru pergi sekali. Sekarang ni die macam berhingus pulak. Kena tunggu cleared up baru pergi lagi. I think he would enjoy it more if he is the bigger tub which I think would be ok in his 3rd session there.


Ohh.. I had just getting the hang of recording stuff on Astro. Such an old geezer. My nephew can record cartoons ever since he was 3. Haha. Anyway. Sometimes Astro likes to play cool movies at an ungodly hour of the night. So which is why I recorded Notting Hill and The Breakfast Club. I never watched either if you can believe it.

Notting Hill - OMG no wonder people loves it. Hugh Grant was the sweetest leading guy ever. Gah. So. Bloody. Sweet with the horses and hounds. Though I am still meh about Julia Roberts. She feels very aloof here and actually I don't know what about her that makes him falls in love with her. But nonetheless it was still very sweet and no wonder people my age are always hankering to go to Portobello Road.

The Breakfast Club - So intense. The dialogues and acting was intense for a teen movie. If I were to watch it when I was a teen I would love it to bits so I understand why it was such a hit then.. Molly Ringwald was so pretty here. And of course.... hey hey hey hey.... don't you.. forget about me.


Could not get enough of ice cream these past few weeks. Maybe because it was so hot. 

Bought a Tim Tam ice cream from Cold Storage. And it was so gooood. I love it because it tasted like dark chocolate and not that sweet. And at RM12 murah la. Which is about the size of Baskin Robbins quart size. 

And last 31st March I beli jugak Baskin Robbins punye quart ice cream mementang it was 31st March. Dah lama rasenye tak makan mint choc chip ice cream. So I got that. Hmmm.. and of course Ampang Point baru bukak Sangkaya. Beli the Signature because I heard so many people raving about it. And memang SEDAP. I like it. I don't like the price but hey.. we can pay as much for Baskin Robbins apa salahnye for something local. I tried the teh tarik ice cream, rase macam makan susu pekat. Huhu. But I think I am gonna try it again, 1 scoop of teh tarik ice cream with 2 scoop of the coconut ice cream. 
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