Monday, April 13, 2015

First try failll

Last weekend we tried to potty train Aziz. With dismal results. Kept on asking him if he wants to pee and he said no. Then we kinda got busy and off he went at the living room. At least tak kena karpet. Then tuka seluar and still biarkn die without diapers. Then masa I nak naik atas tengok Saif , nampak Aziz tengah tertonggeng rupanye tengah berak tengah ruang tamu lagi. Bile I cakap suruh gi toilet, die berlari2 dan taik pon bertaburan. :D 

Ah well. Next weekend try lagi. 

Oh we went to Jakel Mall to get kain for baju Melayu . I malas nak beli kain for raya as I have loads of baju biru which is this year theme color at Sarawak side. So save sikit la tahun ni. Though I am not opposed of a jubah. Jakel got a few of nursing jubah but unfortch the mall does not offer alterations. I memang malas la kalau gitu, sebab tak kuasa nak mencari mana nak alter plak lepas ni. 

Then teringin nak try mee tarik pulak just behind Jakel Mall tu. I first ate mee tarik at a food court in Midvalley. I wonder if its still there. 

Anyway I ordered the cold mee because kat Midvalley that is my favorite and husband ordered mee sup that have telo dadar in it. He likes it. I don't really like mine. I think the Midvalley food court punye tu is vastly superior in taste. KENA PEGI LAGI NI NAK COMPARE. 

We also ordered the lambs on toothpick. It looked delicious, but it felt a bit bland and masin to me . Nicer if makan sekali dalam my mee tu I think.

Anyway I bought a new carrier because I want something that is easier to wear. Bought Pognae and loving it so far. I have to say the wrap is more comfortable, however the Pognae carrier is way more easier and less hot to wear. It have a zip that opened up an air mesh for the baby so he wouldn't be so hot. This to me is necessary especially for a hot humid country like ours. 

Bought it at Fabulousmom sebab I have vouchers courtesy of my lovely friends who asked me what I want for a present for this baby, I cakap bagi vouchers je. So I make use of this vouchers and I am happy! Memula I try jugak the ergobaby and boba 4g, but Saif punye melahau.. terus sales assistant tu datang tengok kenapakah. So we try several brands , the Pognae ni he seems to be most comfy. A bit disappointed that they doesn't have Jumpsac because I love Jumpsac masa I last tried it out masa pregnant dulu. Tapi I got these vouchers and I wanna test it out first before buying the carrier. So we settled on the Pognae as while I am not that crazy about the colors, the most important thing is the baby is comfy, so I took that. 

Verdict of the Pognae carrier - Loving it so far. 

Oh on Sunday, alang2 bawak kain to a tailor at Ampang Park,  We ate at Jaya Grocer punye food court El Fresco at Intermark tu. I love my pizza. And husband ordered the steak au gratin which he also liked. And it so very reasonably priced. Aziz pon bantai my pizza 

Pepperoni, though I am more inclined to order Margherita , tapi sebab nak share ngan Aziz amik la pepperoni.
Hmm.. nanti nak pergi lagi la to test out other stuffs and gawk at the stuffs at Jaya Grocer. 


Zura said...

My son is 2.5 years old and Im still thinking how the hell am I going to potty train this one. My daughter was off diaper before she was 3 years old (considered late to some but I didn't care). So my target is before he hits 3, I want or NEED to potty train him. But I have no clue how to potty train a boy. Arrgghhh.

dils said...

I remembered reading about your daughter decided on her own she wants to be off diapers. So easy!

lisalisut said...

dils, aziz berak tgh rumah? i hannah kencing dpn hall pn aku dh istighfar. xsbr aku ni. lps tu ckp nk kncing skali tgk berak. nsb ms tu ats lntai toilet. nsb baik jgk taik dia bulat2 keras mcm taik kmbing so sng la kutip. sighhhh. kdg tu buat trn off nk train cz i rs dia xready lg kot. ms ckp paham ke x dia ckp paham. tp failed jgk haha. nvmind slowly.

dils said...

Haha. Ha ah dekat ruang tamu, naseb baik bukan dekat karpet. Fuh. Wiken baru ni tak training lak sebab mak bz! Haha. Kan, kite pon tak sure die paham ke tak. Takpela. Agaknye die akan bersedia bile kite dah bersedia. Hehe

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