Sunday, March 22, 2015

Eating my words

When Sofina 1 first came out, I was a little too late to scene. It was all sold out and I was envious on those who got the yellow one. The yellow one was really pretty. When Sofina 2.1 came out,  I remembered telling my friends I was not interested in Sofina 2.1 because of the studded strap. Felt a little too punk rock for me. Haha. Though I actually like punk rock looks. 
Sofina 3 yang first batch tu I just barely aware about it and  tell myself, like.. helloooo you are jobless and moneyless and have loads of handbags already. I got the Lancel before this after all because it vaguely reminisce the yellow Sofina I like so much. Haha. Though yang third one ni is prettier than the 2.1 for me sebab contrasting color of the top black handle and bottom tu and warna body tu.
But then bile the second batch came out, I was bored I took a peek, and found out that ehhh..rupanye ade another strap la, the studded strap is detachable lah. ( like duh!)  and felt like.. to hell with no job and no money and no place to go out and bring out another handbags. I belilah!
Like the taupe one, but that one sold out. I tried FashionValet but all was sold out there, I tried Sometimes and the nude one is still available. Hmm.. after all I never have any bags with that color. Oh wait. Ade, tapi itu kain. Totally tak kira. Haha. So my husband noticed me all intentlike on the computer one night and he asked me
" What are you doing"
"Beli bag"
Really. I have no self control. Pffth.
So I got my bag.

And when it is in my hands, I have to agree the studded strap is actually pretty and kinda make the whole bag. I dig the studs after all.

Though when I tried it out and about, I put away the studded strap sebab easier for me to use the bag as a sling bag bile bawak anak ke sana sini.

But sekejab je la pakai sebab beli bag macam mana pon, I akan go back to my Storksak. I never mentioned this trusty old bag kutt.. but I like my Storksak Olivia and it is the best bag purchase! . It is my diaper bag so barang2 dalam tu memang dah siap la. Extra diapers ke, towel ke, tisu ke, etc etc.. so when out with my kids using the Storksak je la. Used to be when I was working I would rotate my bags. Tapi tak keje, my bags dont see the sun la so to say.

Vietnam 2013. Comel kecik je Aziz je masa ni. And montels. At Bin Thanh market carrying Aziz and my Storksak.

I laff you Storksak. Why I macam malas nak tuka2 diaper bags. Well, there was one incident when Aziz puked right into my bag. There was A LOT of puke. Balik rumah tu , cleaned up or buang any unnecessary puke covered contents , rinse the bag and throw it into the washing machine. Basically it is one tough bag since it is all nylon satin and washed easily and no puke smell! And the bag still looks like new too. The bag memang dah kena muntah multiple times and tumpah susu jangan cakap la.
So yeah, I will be donning back my Storksak. The pockets in the Storksak is really unrivalled to any other la to me. And it kinda looks a little bit like Miu Miu which is why I bought it in the first place. Total impulse buy!

Also Aziz is prone to puke in the car. Until my kids will not puke in my bag, the Storksak will make regular appearance as a diaper bag.
Memula cite pasal Sofina 3 tetiba buat endorsement tak berbayar pasal Storksak lak. Haha.


Mari Femme said...

I was thinking pre order sofina 3 but wondering regretting buying it thinking of how light my madela tote bag was. 2 of my Radleys bag went unused and boy it was such a waste of money -.-"

Ringan tak sofina tu?

dils said...

Not so ringan la. Because the material and the studded tu semua. If bawak botol susu with thermos and all tu mmg akan dig into your shoulder gak la. Though I do like the pockets the Sofina had. Banyak pockets and dalam beg pon quality nampak lawa.

Drama Queen said...

I have no self control whatsoever. Being a SAHM doesn't help cuz that only means I have time to browse online. I ended up selling all my old sofinas and so happy even the ones not in perfect condition was sold for RM40! Cheap thrills betul. Sofina 3, I bought 4. Yes FOUR. Tapi semua still hanging on the rack cuz I pening sikit ngan bau dia.

dils said...

You are right. It must be the thrills. Bile dah beli mesti rase sedikit deflated.

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