Friday, March 06, 2015

Been a while

I dont have any blogging energy at the moment. So many things to write. So malas to write. And how is it possible being no work, the housework still seems endless and neverending.

Not helping that Saif is really demanding milk nowadays. Dulu I usually susukan die dalam 10 mins gitu je. But now it can take half an hour or even an hour. So the day just passed by. In the mean time, the house gets dustier, the craps getting nowhere moved and I just barely manage to wash dishes and do laundry the most.

Anyway.. I was in JB during the week before CNY, saje kekonon nak enjoicing, but was not to be because Saif was sick and his cough was getting so bad that I was getting real worried. He had a mild bronchitis anyway. Then I got sick, where I was feverish for about 3 days and sampai sekarang I still have a mild asthma and cough which I cant get rid of because I am really particular of what medicine I take when I am breastfeeding. Sigh.

So that is all the complaining aside.

Saif can now roll over! Sooner than his abang. I remembered Aziz can roll over when he was 4 months lebih. Tapi he got bibik at the time, and all the time being carried, baby akan lambat sikit nak usaha.

So nowadays that is all he wants to do. Letak atas katil and he will roll over and tengok kiri kanan sampai penat dan nangis because he can't roll back to his back again. But he got the knack of it now that if he is tired he can lie his head down, so less crying when rolling over.

Muka gelak2 bile people talk to him. He is a talker. He absolutely loves it when people talk to him and he will try to coo back. Already can see the difference in personality dari abang die!

As for Aziz.. hows the playschool. I can't say what is the difference made to him, but he does seems more talkative nowadays. He love the school and I love that they have sports day and swim days so he have some exercise which he normally don't get with me.

Routine die adalah balik sekolah, tuka baju and all, tengok Big Hero 6, minum susu dan nap. Then woke up cranky because I think he took it after me, where I hated nap too. My sister said when I was little I absolutely dont sleep during the day but just roam around the house like a destructive little beast.

My days got busy for a while because I have my mom in town and my sisters taken leave for medical reasons so they got some free time to go out during the day to bring mom out. Gi IKEA la. Wangsa Walk la. And few days back pegi Tim's Terrace with my sisters and mom for some coffee, cakes and savouries.

When we entered the shop this is the array of goodness that greeted us.

We ordered baked mac and cheese, shepherd pie, chicken pie, nutella chocolate cake, salted chocolate cake, lemon curd and lemon cake.

I don't take the picture of the whole lot of the things we ordered only this.. because I usually start to eat those food I ordered before remembering taking pic of them.

My lemon cake and green tea latte and my sis caffe latte. 

All the other cakes were quite good and the highlight of the things we ordered, is the baked mac and cheese because it was very good and unexpected in its spiciness. Not something you would order for your child, but for yourself it is a very sinful meal. The only thing I found lacking is the size of the cakes and one of the cake we ordered I felt like it had been baked 3 days ago, which I don't particularly enjoiced. If it was so, cakes that was days ago should really be half price lor. 

But the coffee was great and I love my green tea latte. Will consider coming back here because it is so near, but only with friends or family and not with little Aziz running around. Oh he was not here anyway, I sent him playing with his cousins. I do bought a nutella cheesecake for him to compensate him not accompanying me. Haha. Lagi best die main dengan cousins die lagi pon. 


Lisalisut said...

Teeliur i tgk weh haha

shammin said...

kek bole je sebat! especially ciskek. Cepat kirim kat KR kek untuk kudap2 lepas penat BF.

dils said...

kek bole je sebat! especially ciskek. Cepat kirim kat KR kek untuk kudap2 lepas penat BF.

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