Thursday, March 12, 2015

Back to old passions

I used to love JDo. I will usually scour through D-Addicts or asian drama wikis for new japanese drama. So masa pantang hari tu, rase macam free and also all my US series is in their usual hiatus, so berjinak la kembali ke alam JDO. 

I was never a fan of K-drama. I found it is too cheesy and too lacking in humour. So yeah.. don't give me Kdrama recommendations. I will never try to see it. :D 

So being a fan of the then Hana Yori Dango .. I usually follow the drama the cast acted in. And recently watched these 2. 

One is Shitsuren Chocolatier. Translated in English as Heartbroken Chocolatier. 

It have Matsumoto Jun. I always like him though I never think of him as cute. But he is so adorable when in his roles. 

This drama is about Sota (Matsumoto Jun) who had always been in love with Saeko (Ishihara Satomi). He became a chocolatier because Saeko loves chocolate and leave to Paris to learn how to be a chocolatier after Saeko rejected him. After becoming an established chocolatier, he came back with a plan to win Saeko heart through chocolates. 

At first I felt the drama was cutesy a bit ecchi, but by episode 5 and 6 I am frusrated with the whole lot of em. It is a comedy which something Matsumoto Jun really excelled at. Though I had to push myself a bit to finish it and I do like the ending. Not the usual shoujo ending.

The most enjoyable part of the drama is all the chocolates they shown. Damn it I really craved chocolates then and I almost forgive the detestable characters just at the view of Matsumoto Jun serenely tempering the chocolate. Yums. 

It also introduced me to Ishihara Satomi. 

I only have lukewarm feelings about her character and thought she is very pretty but mostly I was distracted by her makeup especially her lipstick. I kept on trying to find her lip lines. I always wonder why some women wants to put lipstick outside of their lip lines. It is so distracting. 

The second JDo I had recently watched was the 2012, Poor Man Rich Woman. 

Oguri Shun is like my dream man, man. He is tall and handsome and so blur looking. I had a major crush on him during HYD days. I still do I guess. Haha. 

And he played the role Hyuga as the billionaire genius brilliantly. He was cocky but unsure. brilliant but hopeless. Love it. I like how Japanese drama have a drama about game programmers though their aim to make a nationwide govt system for citizens is laughable and insane. But it feels like we IT people do have a world in entertainment. The world does not just revolved around spies, police, lawyers and doctors. ( And in Malaysia , vague businessmen)

Ishihara Satomi also starred here which makes me jealous because she is so cute here beside Oguri Shun. She played Sawaki Chihiro as soon to be graduate desperately looking for a job and despite her prettiness I can't help but felt like I identified with this character. She is just a hardworking, ordinary woman trying to get her place in the industry but can't seems to get in because she is just ordinary. (though in real life her prettiness would surely factored in. )

Gah. So sweet. And I also thought in this jdo in account of her being a simple girl and tone down her makeup I can make out her lip lines, but I can't! I am forever distracted by Ishihara Satomi lip lines! 


dueng said...

you should watch H2 ~kimi to itahibi~, ishihara satomi was cute clumsy. love her in the dorama. also, you might want to try watch aibu saki in rebound. She also in rich man, poor woman. but I like aibu saki the most in Buzzer Beat. just to name few, there are lots of good JDo but not as before. Now, i almost stop watching JDo cause couldn't find good one.

dils said...

oh nanti boleh lah tengok. Banyak jugak dalam list nak tengok ni . Nodame Cantabile pon tak pernah tengok lagi. Pride pon baru nak tengok.

Do you mean Keiko Kitagawa in Buzzer Beat? Die pon comel dan best gak berlakon. Aibu Saki paling best in Zettai Kareshi rasenye. Betul kut memang tak best. Setiap sekali try tengok list of jdo nowadays mesti cerita pasal polis or lawyers. Dah la cerita lawyers Jepun ni boring yang amat. Very self righteous.

dueng said...

nodame cantabile OMG so funny. splastic, comical yet entertaining, bonus on the music arrangement is also awesome. pride was ok, typical takuya kimura's dorama. kitagawa keiko in buzzer beat was the heroin, she's cute definitely. Aibu Saki was the antagonist in Buzzer Beat, first time for her to be bad. I like her to be bad, she have the edge to act as bad girl. I prefer Aibu Saki more in Utahime than in Zettai Kareshi. In Utahime, she's really cute with her Tosa accent and the storyline paced nicely. I need to rerun the old Jdorama. haha. You might want to watch Osen, a food dorama. quite entertaining also.

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