Friday, August 22, 2014

RIP Kurap. Aug 2009 - Aug 2014

Back in the days when it was just her and me.

Wednesday morning, I woke up from a phone call from my sister. She said her maid found a cat dead in a drain that looked a lot like Kurap. I immediately call husband who was on the way to work but had not got out of the taman perumahan yet. Angkat Aziz and go out to my sister house. And there it was. It was her in the drain. One of the light in my life is now gone. 

On Tuesday she was very fine. In fact she spent most of the afternoon dozing on my bed. And if she spent the day very well rested come evening it she will be restless to go out. I don't really hesitated to let her out. She is used to going out. But then she didn't come back. My husband called and called around midnight she didnt come as her usual way. But I was not too worried. Sometimes she comes in through the bathroom window. Or in the morning if worst come to worst. I did woke up at 5 am wondering if Kurap had come in. But was too tired to think about it more. Seeing her dead body in a drain is my worst nightmare. 

We speculated the cause. She might be sick that we didn't know about. She fell down (the drain where we found her next to it is a very high fence, she is a good climber but not so much a jumper, but she always manage before) chasing a cat and somehow she fell down wrong and hit her head and drowned, she got poisoned from God knows where. So many possibilities. But we didn't know. People might say that is the risk of letting a cat be outdoors. That maybe it, but it is really hard to keep the cat indoors. Also I am one of those people who believe cats should have the outdoors if they are capable or like to. Whatever the reason, most people know I love her very much. 

A bit taken aback, that like Fasha who died on exactly the same date as we found her, Kurap died on the same month too when we adopted her.

Those who just begun to read my blog, maybe can see her starting history with us from here. Those who were long time readers knows how utterly devoted we are to each other. But then I have a baby, I can no longer be as devoted, but she always try to be devoted to me when she got the chance. She was so stressed from my inattention that her fur at one point was shedding and she overgroomed her butt til its bald. Heh. She outgrew it and got the new routine. 

My sister and husband tried to comfort me and said she is old now. 6 years is not old for a cat. They are in the prime of their life in fact. I was looking forward to 6 years more. I was looking forward to take care of her cranky self when she gonna be 12 years old. But Allah tentukan semua. Maybe He knows best. 

There are so many memories we had together that will be too much to write about. Only I kinda gets her. Only I know exactly the right way to groom her. Always on the face, ears and a little on the nose. If she digs it she will lick my fingers and I know she will want that fingers that had been moistened by her to be patted on her head. She was my best friend. When I was all alone in the house and sometimes were afraid by the bump in the night, I was always comforted by the sight of her furry self next to me. She killed a lipan in the toilet once when I was busy puking over the toilet. 

Like Fasha, there can also never be another Kurap. I miss her. I want to hug her again. I want to feel again all the 5.2 kg weight I always felt when I hold her in my arms.

You were a great friend and companion Kurap. I am lucky if I meet another cat who is half as great as you. Gonna miss her forever and right now my heart just breaks knowing I can never see her again at her favorite spots which was numerous, on my keyboard, on my bed, at the corner of the babycot, next to the window, up the grills, the sofa. Most of all, I will always be haunted by the memory of you whenever I came back home and looked at the window. Knowing the most loyal of cats are no longer there to greet me home joyfully and loudly. 

A long time ago when I had just gotten her spayed


MakBulu said...

I'm sad to hear the passing of Kurap. She may be gone but memories of her will forever be deep in our hearts.

dils said...

Thank you. Yups. She will always have a special place in my heart.

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